Frugal Weekly Update

For most part my ‘frugal week’ meant just acquiring free stuff; some of the goodies literally landed in my lap while others I had to hunt for (with quite minimal effort). I continued to make all meals from scratch, brown bagged our lunches every day, made coffees at home. I was being a very good girl!

Well, that’s during a week.

The weekend is a bit of a different story – I lunched and brunched and drank latte like there is no tomorrow. I met with one of my girls and I went a bit overboard… $59 or so later… (each). Gulp. I feel a lot of guilt today :/

My mind is set up on doing a no-spend August, starting tomorrow. Perfect timing, as I surely loosened up a bit these past few weeks.

Anyhow, my goodies and freebies and frugalities this past week are:

1. Goodies from a gift bag

Summer means goodie bags from work events that T. gets invited to. This is my loot from last week:

Frugal accomplishments


One of the gift bags actually had 2 eye creams so I got a total of 3. I opened one to use myself and will post the remaining 2 on eBay. They retail for $68-$80 or $40 on eBay. One may say that’s a one generous gift bag, right?

2. Schoola FREE clothing for my nieces – affiliate link below

Ok, I’ve been hearing about Schoola for the longest time but never ordered anything through their website. I don’t have children but I help my sister out a lot and clothing for her three girls is what I have been supplying for the last 6 years. Last week I signed up for Schoola account with another blogger’s affiliate link. That gave us both $20 online credit. On top of that I used a 50% off coupon good for first purchase (WSW00090-SM), good until end of August, 2016. Whoa! Look what happened!

Frugal accomplishments

If I had waited another day with orders I could have used another $10 credit that arrived in my account 24 hours later. I was too impatient and placed the order immediately and will use the $10 credit another time.

If you are NEW to Schoola and sign up through my affiliate link we both get $20, put in the WSW00090-SM discount code and you will get $41 worth of clothing absolutely free.

3. All the other goods
  • Received 2 cans of Enfamil baby formula in the mail
  • Bowls set is from a colleague as a goodbye gift (from my previous work). These will be returned to the store for a gift card as I do not need/want them)

Free 2 cans of Enfamil baby formula will go to my friend who is giving birth sometime in August.

  • I went to NY Mets game for free on Friday night!
  • T.’s mom sent me a care package with some clothing. None of them fit but I will add them to the package to send to my sister for her mother in law.

How did YOU save money?



  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    I had signed up my daughters for the new Harry Potter book midnight release party at our local library. We pre-ordered the book through the library (at the same price as Amazon). Prior to the party we went to Barnes and Noble where my daughters bought a wand and Hogwarts tee shirt using gift cards they had gotten for Christmas. I also found a beautiful scarf/shawl and mini gift cards at 75% off that I will save for my sister for Christmas. Used some of the gift card money for that too so OOP was only $6. The library experience was priceless as they transformed the library into Hogwarts with interactive stations. The kids got goodie bags filled with candy and bookmarks, they made Harry Potter themed buttons and at midnight we got our book and a poster. The Harry Potter experience for the cost of the book ($18). A lot cheaper than Universal Studios and something they will long remember.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Dear Peggy Ann, not sure how old your daughters are (I am assuming 5+) but if not then be sure to check Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library‎ for free books program for EVERY child 5 and less.
      The experience of the midnight release party sounds awesome, and indeed priceless. It is really possibly to create memories and have great time with children on a budget. When they are older this is what they will remember, (and not what the price tag was).
      Wishing you a great weekend, sweet friend. xx

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