Frugality Rocks – Weekly Update

New York City got hit by a heat wave this past week (the heatwave still going strong!) and my ancient AC box simply stopped keeping up with the 90+ temperatures. Thankfully Bed, Bath and Beyond came to the rescue with their $19.99 square fan that fits perfectly in my window. Besides going out on Saturday evening, this weekend is very much circled around staying cool and out of the sun. Well, I am still planning to go for a bike ride later tonight but not until 8pm when the sun is down.

As far as frugality, I did well this week except one thing. One thing which was a BIG ‘entertainment’ expense

1. Coldplay Concert

My girlfriend E. got free tickets for Coldplay concert playing last night in East Rutherford, NJ. They were VIP for the Presidential Suite tickets. Holly Molly, when she invited me, I couldn’t say ‘no’! I love Chris Martin and even though I attended a couple of his concerts in the past, it never gets old. It was absolutely amazing and also a great bonding experience for E. and I. We spend the day together and we sung our hearts out.

Coldplay concert. Frugality rocks

Although the tickets were free for us, we spent a small fortune on UBER car both ways. There was just no way around it, as the public commute on a Saturday would have taken us 3+ hours. Definitely we were not going to do that, especially after midnight. It sucks that UBER inflicts surcharge without any particular reason other than the fact that the pick up is for desperate people needing to get home (no snow, no rain, just a regular ride). The surcharge was 4.3 times and it cost us $150 EACH.


Literally killed me. I will be cooking a lot of rice and bean for the rest of the month.

2. Nespresso coffee ‘pods’

Our amazing friend D. gave us a 100 pack of Nespresso coffee pods as he ordered the wrong size. He has the newer machine that uses the bigger pods and he picked up the small ones instead. Well, the good news is that:

a) we have the Nespresso coffee machine that uses the small pods

b) D. was lazy enough not to bother to return / exchange the pods and he gifted them to us

Yes! I think in between Nespresso and a bag of coffee that I just picked up at Trader Joe’s for our regular coffee maker – we are set for the rest of the year.

My coffee addiction is definitely going strong.

Frugality rocks

3. Peaches and nectarines

$99 Cents a pound.

Shall I even say more?

Frugality rocks

I purchased a bag full for smoothies this week and to freeze a bunch.

4. I baked bread again!


I think I really mastered this recipe. But again, it does not get simpler than throwing 4 ingredients together.

Frugality rocks

5. Other goodies
  • Free lunch at work – turns out my work sponsors lunch for everyone each Monday. I am setting my heart on sushi tomorrow. Fingers crossed
  • Cooked all lunches and dinners, as usually. Although putting the oven on in this weather surely sucked
  • Got a bunch of baby clothing at 75-90% off at Children’s Place. My sister is pregnant with her 4th and I promised to prepare all she needs clothing and feeding bottles wise before the baby arrives next March. I am the most favorite aunt after all and keen to keep that status

How are YOU saving money?


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  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    Your bread looks beautiful. I am so intimidated to bake with yeast but this recipe looks easy. Mavis makes a similar bread using a Dutch oven. So now two of my favorite bloggers are making this type of bread with great success. I might have to give it a try.
    Yikes about the Uber expense but the memories of the time shared with your friend are priceless.
    Stay cool!

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