Out of The Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Long time no see my friends. I realize that by now I may have lost all my 21 readers and just ramble here for my own sake. Ha. Well, June was a bit crazy for me, logging into WordPress was last thing on my mind to be honest.

Is this too cheesy?

Is this too cheesy?

As I may have mentioned, after a couple of months of looking for a new job, I got a seemingly amazing offer. I took it. After being at my previous position for almost 6 years I felt really worn out, I thought I would literally not survive another year if I stayed. It was 6 years of fulfilling yet very emotionally and physically exhausting work. I did a lot of (unpaid) overtime in the evenings and weekends and was ready for a change. Change meaning working less and hopefully making more! Can’t a girl dream? 😉 I mean, the only way is a way up, right?

I started the new job two weeks ago and I am very confused :/ I am not sure if I made the right choice. Was I too rushed to accept the first offer that came my way? Should I have waited more and go on more interviews? Kinda too late to know, all I know is that saying that I am not enjoying it is an understatement. I am giving it an honest chance, I hope it will ‘grow on me’, I hope it is just ‘a learning curve’ I am going through the right now. But some things I cannot explain.

  1. No one likes my new boss. The entire office not only does not like him, they are scared of him. Everyone seems to be relieved when he is not in the office. This is NOT a good sign. Now, I joined the company as The Executive Assistant to the ‘boss’ so there is a lot of working together involved. I am trying to stay composed, continue to be my patient and kind self but it’s hard when the person you are supposed to work with very closely at all times is so unapproachable.
  2. So confused about my job description. I joined the company as the Executive Assistant; during the interview one of the main things we discussed was ‘potential for growth’. Since the company is real estate focused, I have been excited to start learning about the business. So far, during my first two weeks, all I have done is personal work. Coordinating with outside companies and making sure  AC and wifi are fixed at my boss’ personal residences, scheduling appointments and collating paperwork for his daughter’s college applications, scheduling car service for his girlfriend, coordinating charter flights for his family’s summer vacation, and a bunch of rather random things, none of them being work related. Disappointing and frustrating.
  3. Add to it the fact that all the requests come to me via txt message in a very demanding and unkind way. Do it NOW! Right NOW! Are you for real? You can ask me in a normal way. This is the most disheartening part.
  4. While I got a sizable raise (went from $60k to $80k), but not qualifying for 401k for the next 6 months, I was shocked to see that I am able to put away same amount of money on paycheck based on $80k and based on $60k. Taxes?

Yep, I think we have a ‘frying pan’ case here.

After the first 3 days I cried. Today I want to believe that everything happens for a reason. I will continue to give my best and try to not let things get to me in a negative way. While looking for something new that is, I just reached out to my headhunter again. I don’t need or want to settle. I deserve to be respected and treated kindly. Bosses should know that! When they treat their employees with respect and kindness, productivity and enthusiasm really goes up!



  1. Renee says:

    Hi Fellow Queens Resident-
    I, too, began a new job in the Education Field about 3 months ago. I am already looking for a new position at some new Charters that are popping up in Queens. I tried to shake off the feeling that I made a mistake and strive through it. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be at peace with what I choose to put my energy into. Sometime I feel like a brat–so many people our age would dream of make 80-85,000 a year. However, my inner spirit is saying to move on.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      In the same boat, yes. I feel the same way. $80k (plus bonus!) is a hefty amount of money and ‘risking’ losing it feels like I don’t appreciate ‘the good’ I have. I relate to you Renee. My inner spirit is saying the same thing. Being at peace and feeling respected is so important. The last two weeks were such a challenge but now that I have a plan of just moving on, I have to say I feel much better 🙂
      Trust you are having a great weekend. I have a nice escape this weekend visiting a friend in Long Island. What a treat.

  2. Amber says:

    I really hope things get better for you. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and if you feel like things are toxic, they probably are. It sounds like from your previous comment that you may be looking for something new. I think that probably is the right thing to do.

    The next position you take may be even better!

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