He is here!

My precious, beautiful, healthy and strong baby boy arrived on his due date, January 9th at 40 weeks exactly.

I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to announce his birth! I will sound too cliche but yes, it has been a bit busy around here these past few weeks. And as far as silence in November and December, I will refrain from complaining too much and all I will say is that I was just trying to get through the sleepless nights (big belly was getting in the way!) and manage to make it to work on time. Everything else became less of a priority.

Anyway, whatever happened pre-baby is a bit meaningless now, all that matters right now is life after Franco. 🙂

Baby Franco cozily snuggled in just few hours after being born

And let me tell you, life after Franco has been pretty blissful thus far. I have time off work until mid April (!) and I have been loving staying at home with my little babe. All I am doing right now is attending to his every need. That and trying out new recipes 😉 God bless short term disability and the newly established NY State paid family leave. All together I have been blessed with 12 weeks off. This will be the absolute longest that I will not be going to work. T. is working more from home this month and is truly a hands on dad. Life has been busy, but wonderful. After Franco was born T. and I feel like we are going through the honeymoon stage right now. This little boy just brought so much love into our lives.

A few pix below. He is just so beautiful, it is hard not to share. xx

My precious boy just resting on mommy’s boobie

Latching on, baby!

Precious boy at two days old

Big boy at three weeks

Sweet boy getting a double chin

Baby Franco is the sweetest boy

Baby boy getting some play time in

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  1. Becky says:

    That has got to be one of the sweetest little boys I’ve ever seen. That picture of him in the green shirt….so sweet! Thanks for showing him to us:)

  2. Renee says:

    Oh my! I didn’t get a notification in my inbox that you updated the blog. I am beyond happy for you. Congrats, neighbor!
    -Kew Garden Hills, Queens

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