International Move’s Aftermath (+ my usual frugal ways)

It’s been almost two weeks since The PG Girl packed up all her stuff and utilized her one way ticket to Warsaw. (Insert a very sad face here). After almost 12 years in NYC you can only imagine how much guts it took to do that. But she did. I am ‘WhatsApp-ing’ with her now  and besides complaining about this gloomy, fall weather day, she is doing very well. I mean what’s not to like? She is settled in a beautiful apartment, her lovely parents just a couple of hours away.

Frugal accomplishments

Poland has so many amazing places to enjoy; lakes and mountains, Baltic Sea shores, cute small towns, charming villages. And the best part? With so many competitors, the airfare to neighouring countries is dirt cheap. If purchased ahead of time you can fly from Warsaw to Paris (return) for $24, to London for $18, Oslo for $28 and Tel Aviv $80. The PG Girl is currently working on her travel schedule. I am so jealous!

The PG Girl’s move made my best ‘frugal accomplishment’ week yet. While she shipped to Poland 13 huge boxes, she left behind a LOT of things too. I got quite a few of them for which I am forever grateful.

The Miele vacuum cleaner made T. very happy. The one that we had (that did. It work that well) got returned to Bed Bath and Beyonce for which we received $60 store credit.

The Miele vacuum cleaner made T. very happy. The one that we had (that did not work that well) got returned to Bed Bath and Beyonce for which we received $60 store credit.

Frugal accomplishments

The orange Rachel Ray pot is definitely becoming my favorite one.

Frugal accomplishments

The PG Girl kindly offered her old iPhone 4 and the iPod as well. I am taking the phone as a gift to my dad so we can use the WhatsApp to be in touch for free. 🙂 The iPod is going to my sister and the school supplies to my nieces.

Frugal accomplishments

More school supplies!

Frugal accomplishments

These super light, basically brand new sneakers will make my sister very happy.

I shall not bore you with more photos but I also graciously accepted a box of vitamins, some cosmetics, a couple of brand new face creams, hair products, a moose, a hand painted vanity-mirror box and a few other things.

I am adopting this reindeer too (amongst a million other things)

I am keeping the moose. The antique vanity box is going on eBay.

Other than all of the above I was able to stay on truck to keep my frugal ways:

  • finally got enough swagbucks for $15 Amazon gift card
  • my work has Amazon Prime account, I added my personal account as ‘shared household’ so now I have Amazon Prime shipping as well! For the price I like – $0
  • I got a $5 rebate gift card from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I will combine it with store credit from the vacuum cleaner and a 20% off for max savings, once I know what I want to buy.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday!


  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    What a lovely friendship you have with the PG Girl and what a blessing you have been to each other. And now that blessing continues as you can pass on items to your family. The Rachel Ray pot looks like the “go-to” pot for pasta, sauce, soup, stew…just about everything. Orange would not be my first color choice but I would still take it for free.
    PS: Thank you for the “How to Have a Good Day” quote from a few posts back. I edit our church newsletter each month and add a quote or two when I have a little space to fill. Usually it is a scripture verse but that quote was perfect. I am consciously trying to find the grateful in each day, even the tough ones. Sometimes we need the reminder.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Peggy Ann 🙂 Glad you liked the quote, yes, good to get a reminder to stay grateful and gracious and appreciative. And you are right – it does take effort sometimes..
      The PG Girl (short for The Polish Girl) is so missed already. I am not sure if I am liking her being so far away 🙁 We are txting and exchanging photos but it is NOT the same.
      Quite recently I realized that out of a BIG group of Polish friends that I had 6-8 years ago, I am the ONLY one still in New York City. Some of them moved back to Europe, one of them not voluntarily – he got deported :(, and a couple of them moved to Chicago. NYC seems to be a ‘temporary’ city to everyone I know. For now, I think I need to ‘get out there’ and start making new friends!

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