Keep Calm and Frugal On

I am determined to make this year the biggest year of savings for us. T. and I are a good team and although there is still a bit of room for improvement ‘to be on the same page’ I have to say he’s definitely become much more aware of ‘where the money is going’. Well, in case of doubt, it should ALWAYS be staying in a wallet, rather than leaving it.

We did well in January. I did my own version of a non-spend month and will continue to do my best each month this year (and beyond). T. goes along and is pretty easy to keep happy, I am thrilled that he has been giving it his best effort to embrace the frugal mentality. Unlike in the past, while reviewing our finances, I no longer feel I want to literally shoot him.

Walk on a Long Island Beach? Free. Although we did not last long because it was freezing today!

It is T.’s Birthday today. Starbucks offers a free drink (any drink, any size) on your birthday. You need to use their app (sign up a month before), but even if you don’t have the app and show the ID they will honor it. That’s what we did today. T. was not even able to log into his app account. He showed the ID and got a giant size, delicious green tea latte. We got an extra cup and shared it. Yum and free. 🙂

Gotta love your local libraries. We are visiting our dear friend this weekend and that’s what his library offered today – yes, yes, yummy and again, free, hot chocolate bar. Both of us grabbed a cup. Happy Birthday, T.!

How could I resist? “Inheritance” by Samantha Chang looked interesting and has great reviews on Amazon. I also grabbed a few gardening tips and tricks booklets. Love the price. $0.

I also had a good trip to CVS this week. I am always on a lookout for things I can add to a package I am prepping for my sister. I have lots of goodies for the new baby boy (still in his mama’s belly but hopefully he will join us in a day or two) and my three nieces.

I paid $3.53 for 12 rolls of Charmin and 2 bottles of full size Advil were free with coupons. I am adding the Advil to the package as it is my sister’s most trusted brand when her girls get sick.

Other than that we cooked all of our meals from scratch (I got one lunch and one dinner free at work) and although we did not skimp on groceries the ‘not going out’ thing surely saves us a lot of 💰.

We are also loving any form of free entertainment (reading, watching Netflix, and Apple TV). For watching Netflix we are using T.’s friend’s login 😉

Frugal fail this week –

I get a free dinner on my work’s dime if I work until / past 8pm. I worked late twice this week but one of my receipts showed 7:47pm so I did not reimbursed. Boo..

How are YOU saving money?



  1. Becky says:

    It’s great you guys are on the same page. It helps a lot in every area!

    I’m sure your sister will appreciate the Advil and you got such a great deal on it. It would make me want to buy it even if I didn’t know anyone to give it to for FREE! I’m glad you have such a great place to send it.

  2. SimpleIsGood4U says:

    For sure. Sometimes I get things I don’t need at all but I know my sister will be thrilled, so whatever it is that is a freebie, I will take it! My friends know it too and they always offer things like toys, baby clothes, etc. They know that I am at any time most likely putting together another package for my sis 🙂

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