Keep on Keeping On – Saving Money One Day at a Time

I fell off the wagon for a bit, spending money left and right, coffee here, pad tai there, then another take out and some more coffee. This happens every time I break my routine. During the last three weeks, when I was making an attempt to get a new job, my days were all over the place. Thankfully T. played along and picked up the pieces, namely did the dishes, picked me up after work to shave 25 minutes off of my (subway) commute, practiced the interview questions with me and overall stayed peaceful and kind when I was taking my long days out on him. I honestly think I deserved to be put in a dog house at least a couple of times.

Somewhere near Nosara in Costa Rica. T. travelled to CR a couple of weeks ago and flooded me with hundreds of awesome photos 🙂

I am winding down a bit now. I requested a few books from my local library, and I am next one in the queue so I think I will have them ready for pick up on Saturday. While reading is one of my most favorite pastime activities, I don’t read much, due to my ever favorite excuse of not having enough time. I am actually still working on my 2016 Reading List. And I am not even half way through. I requested 5 books from the list, let’s see how I do.

While recently I spent more $$ than I planned, I also had a few frugal moments:

Scored $35(ish) store credit to my most favorite clothing store of all times – Crossroads!

I put aside a few pairs of shoes and two tops I was no longer wearing and T. took it to Crossroads for me. Almost everything sell and T. brought home a gift card with a whooping $35 on it. This will be turned into a couple of pairs of flats that I desperately need.

Turned a dress into a skirt

Voila! The dress had really worn out armpits so I would never wear it again. I was able to cut it in a way that I saved the waist belt and used it for the skirt. It was easy and I am super pleased how it turned out.

Prepared a package for sister

Nothing goes to waste in this household. I packed up a huge box for my sister, which I will ship on Saturday. Shipping almost 40 pounds will cost  me around $30 and will take up to 6 weeks. For the last 3-4 months I have been ‘hunting’ for hand me down children’s clothing, toys and whatever else I thought she could use. I think I spend approximately $20 on some specific items she requested such as neosporin or a boogie spray for children’s little stuffed noses. Otherwise, I got everything else for free.

And a few other things
  • A colleague at work gave me a brand new dress she got on clearance at H&M ($10). She got it on a lunch break and turns out it does not fit her (she did not have time to try it on). It fits me well. I offered to pay her but she refused
  • I found a few coins
  • I keep hand washing ‘dry-clean only’ items of clothing, saving approximately one million dollars annually

Overall, we are doing great here in our humble, Queens home. Some days are better than other, more frugal or not as much. You know, life happens, so we are adjusting. Just keeping on keeping on 🙂

Come and share and YOU are doing?



  1. Becky says:

    That skirt is lovely and turned out so well.

    Don’t beat yourself up over the coffee, meals, or anything else. One of the reasons that you save money diligently most of the time is so you can have a week where you can have a new pair of pants, or a coffee. I’m betting with the hours you are working, you get pretty tired. So, you are doing the best you can, and sometimes it’s not perfect. I have weeks like that, too, and it just proves I’m human, not superwoman. Sometimes, for me, a little treat will keep me going longer on a super busy week, such as diet soda from McD’s, or whatever. Life is about balance, although I sure can’t get it some weeks when I am way too busy!

    I sometimes need the mental “treat” as much as anything else. For instance, I FEEL really poor (although I am far from poor) if I don’t keep a few dollars that are spendable (I’m talking under $20) in my purse. I may not spend them for days or even weeks, but just knowing I could if I wanted to goes a long way with my brain. So, when I save, I work hard at it. When I spend, I just use money I’ve set aside as “spending money” and don’t feel bad at all. I’m sure it’s different for everyone.

    It’s great that you can send your sister a package. I’m guessing that you are a very generous person and have a much easier time spending $50 on her package than you would spending $50 on yourself. I know it works that way for me. I’m sure she really appreciates the things inside, and even more, the thoughtfulness you have put into the gifts. It keeps you sisters close, even though you are miles apart, so it blesses you both.

    Have a good week.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Becky 🙂 You are a good friend.
      Yes, that’s exactly what I do, I usually put my heart and soul into any package I send to my family, knowing these items will make a difference. One one hand, I do believe I have a giving spirit and giving makes me happier than getting anything myself. On the other hand I think it is also a bit of feeling more fortunate here in the USA, making better money, being able to occasionally splurge, just overall being less stressed over money. My sister does not have that luxury. All money her husband makes is put into essentials only. He is the only one making money for his family of 6, and of course there is my dad’s retirement too but that’s not much, he spends it all on the children as well. Even the fact that I am able to put some saving away each month for retirement when my sister spends everything she has for ‘now’ makes me feel a bit guilty when I go a bit overboard and spend money carelessly. The unnecessary clothing, the take outs, the treats.
      I always count how much it would be in Polish currency and how long my dad could stretch it for.
      I need to work on relaxing a bit more but it is not easy. I am a natural ‘worry-ior’ and just want everyone to be happy too 🙂
      Trust you, Rob and your beautiful family are having a great weekend.

      • Becky says:

        Those are all good points. I can see why you feel that way.

        I naturally worry too. Part of that is inherited from my grandma. I remember her worrying a lot. The rest is because I’ve been on this earth for long enough to have lived through some pretty terrible things, so sometimes my imagination goes wild. Thankfully, my imagination is usually far worse than the thing I was worrying about!

        I do feel fortunate and blessed to get to live here in America. I know in my mind that our “poor” is someone else’s “rich” and I am very rich compared to much of the world. I am very thankful for the privilege of living here.

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