Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishment

I returned a few days before T. from our holiday trip to LA.  I took it is a big opportunity to eat out most of whatever we left in the fridge before we left. I was not able to save two cucumbers but otherwise everything was still in a perfect condition. Of course it helps that I am not a fussy eater.  I only purchased eggs, bananas, a couple of avocados and a few tomatoes. T. returned today and we are planning on doing a big shopping tomorrow. Saved the money and no food waste!

Since I had a Monday off this week truly just flew by. I do say it quite often, but this week truly seems like a blur. Work was not too busy and the phone barely rang so I was able to catch up on some less meaningful projects that still had to be done but I did not have capacity to finish them until now.

It was an easy week not to spend money, and I’m actually getting excited for the super uber frugal January.  I am joining The Frugalwoods and 3000+ frugal families who signed up for the challenge. Easy!  I am going to give myself a few exceptions but I am still trying to figure out what they will be. While I do want to make up for all the money we spend in November and December, I am aware that I will have some expenses that, while not being an absolute need, I will need to be OK with. I will post more on this challenge once it starts on January 1.

For now let’s see how we saved money this past week, shall we?

  1. More clothing for my nieces.

For free. 😀

Just like I already said it, I am open to frugality. I put it out there and I harvest from it. One of my co-workers brought all of the above pictured goodies and left under my desk this morning. My sisters’ nieces are perfect age to use the hand-me-downs previously worn by Jenny’s children.

2. There ARE free lunches

I was so pleased that on Tuesday we had a HUGE sponsored lunch at work. One of our partners sent a $450 worth of Italian food! Madness. Some people took the entire week off so there were only 7 of us. Most of the food became leftovers. I saved enough for the next day’s lunch leaving it in our tiny work’s fridge and I took enough home to last me for 2 dinners. With T. being away I was super happy to eat just about any leftovers. Saved time and money. That’s how I roll, ladies.

Just some of the goodies I brought home and ate for dinner!

3. Free (and cheap) LYFT rides

I signed up for LYFT a while ago (service similar to UBER) and never used the ‘first time user’ discount. It expired last year. With all the travel over the Holidays, we had to take a cab to the LGA a few times (since we traveled separately both ways). I emailed LYFT about the unused discount and they gave me $50 off 5 rides (5 rides – $10 off each ride). On 4 trips we saved $40 total. Not too shabby if you ask me.

4. Just doing the usual

Boring. Boring.

  • washed out several ziplock baggies that I use for crackers, apple slices and carrots (part of my snacks that I take for work)
  • I keep taking my water bottle wherever I go. Best investment ever.
  • I calculated and it was better for me to buy a metro card every day rather than a weekly pass this past week. I spend $22 rather than whatever the weekly pass is (like $32 now?). $10 savings.

I also, finally, received my first ever bonus at work. I was very happy with it, although the part that surely sucked was that it was taxed at almost 50%. What? I literally walked into our CFO’s office to inquire as I thought it must have been a mistake. Well, it wasn’t. I hate you, IRS.

How are YOU saving money? I hope you are starting 2017 with full wallets!



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