Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments

The Easter break seems to have been weeks ago. Back in NYC and back to my daily routine. Since I returned I have been busy prepping for (still potential as of today) job interviews. While I haven’t gone to any interviews yet, I got a few ‘potential’ ones from the headhunter that I am working with. I declined them all as they were not a good fit. All 6 or 7 were offering the exact salary I am at right now while offering fewer benefits. I definitely do not want to go through a hassle of changing jobs only to find myself in the exactly same or (God forbid) worse scenario. I just need to stay patient while learning new skills and still doing best I can at the present job. When the right opportunity presents itself I will be all over it, for now – it is all a waiting game.

In the last several days I wasn’t my best self as far as money management but that was due to Easter of course and our travel to Naples. I am working on a post where I will share more details from the trip. Overall it went well, but I am very, very happy to be back home.

Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments:

1. Easter weekend treats (and splurges too)

Over the Easter weekend, T.’s parents kindly treated us to all the meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There was some eating at home and there was some going out. Of course we offered to pay for as much as we could including brunch on Saturday and brunch on Easter Sunday but T.’s mom did not let us. That was super nice, although we were totally ready to cover both bills.

I was able to take Monday and half Tuesday off of work so when we said goodbyes on Sunday night, we drove to Miami. That was so much fun. Our dear Long Island friend has his boat currently ‘parked’ in Miami and was happy for us to use it for the duration of our stay. I am talking free accommodation here. Staying on a boat is something I consider a total treat. I mean I don’t think I will be owning my own boat any time soon 😉 What we did need to spend money on were 2 breakfasts, lunches and a couple of dinners. And of course coffee. The boat had a kitchen as well but neither of us had any desire to cook :/

Is this too cheesy? The day and a half we spent in Miami was just so relaxing, I could not resist but take this photo ;)

Is this too cheesy? The day and a half we spent in Miami was just so relaxing, I could not resist but take this photo 😉

2. Free work lunch

Gotta love work meetings that require ordering lunch. Dean & DeLuca catering is not too shabby either! Ate lunch for free and saved some leftovers for the next day too.

3. Christmas tree ornaments

Can you take a wild guess where I found these?

Frugal Accomplishments

Yep, that’s right. The recycling bin at my work 🙂 Someone’s still cleaning up after Christmas, I see.

These bad boys were brand new, still with a $3.99 price sticker. I usually have a tiny tree so I think I will add these to a package that I am preparing to send to my sister. She usually decorates 2 trees so these will be used for sure.

4. Free oatmeal

Probably not most frugal but I order 1 Vita Cost box each month. Thought Ebates, of course. 🙂  I try to get my order to $50 to get free shipping. I usually am able to put that much into my pay pal account from various sources (Ebates, Swagbucks, selling on ebay, etc) so it does not feel like spending ‘real’ money. Anyway, This week’s promotion is free rolled oats with $49+ purchase. Free and unexpected oatmeal? Sure, I will take it.

Frugal accomplishments

5. Discounted coffee for April

from Groupon of all places.

I got a great deal for Starbucks  (below) and also for Housing Works. Once you sign up / sign in just search for Starbucks and it shall come up if the deal is still available. The Housing Works was $12 for $20 worth which came in 4 separate vouchers $5 each. Housing Works is just around the corner from my office, together with Starbucks I now have 6 fancy shmancy large size lattes for $17 averaging $2.85 each. Considering that average latte in NYC / Brooklyn is around $4 – $4.5 this is a great deal in my book. I will keep these for my outings with girlfriends. I think I shall be set for coffee out in April.

Frugal Accomplishments

6. Fab Kids Shoes for niece

I also got an amazing deal on FabKids. I am always on a lookout for good sales and clearance for shoes or clothing for my 3 nieces. Since I am currently preparing a package for my sister I thought it was a perfect timing for this deal. New members get $10 credit plus they currently have a bogo deal. Then free shipping with no minimum. I got 2 pairs for $9.95 🙂

Frugal Accomplishments

Other random things
  • All the home cooking
  • All (but one) coffees brewed at home
  • I cut my face (cream) wash bottle in half and getting another week out of it

How did YOU save money?



  1. TerriCheney says:

    What good deals you got this week. I should say it was a good balanced week. And I love the panther crossing sign, lol. Florida feels like another whole planet once you get below Jacksonville in my opinion.

  2. SimpleIsGood4U says:

    Yes, we were on a highway but when we saw that sign we got off the road to take this photo 🙂

    I liked Miami because of how lively it was but Naples was a whole different story. It felt like a deserted city. Did feel like another planet 😉

  3. Becky says:

    It looks like you got some really good deals with the oatmeal and the shoes. I’m sure your nieces will love having those shoes.

    I’m glad you had a nice vacation. That boat just looked too relaxing:) I’m happy for you that you got to enjoy it without having to maintain a boat.

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