Let’s Make the 2017 the Year of no Resolutions

If anyone of my readers have been following me for the last year or so they would know I posted my New Year’s resolutions two years in a row. Well, if you just stumbled upon and this is your first time visiting, you can read about them right here:

My 2015 New Year Resolutions

My 2016 New Year Resolutions

How much of it actually happened? – one may ask. I actually posted a couple of progress reports on how I was going:

2015 Goals and Resolutions Progress Report

2016 Goals and Resolutions Progress Report

Are you laughing with me or at me? 😉

Since I promised myself to be completely honest here I will not lie to you this time either. I made an attempt here and there but I had major difficulty with ‘sticking to it’. I barely read any of the books I put on my 2016 Reading List (I still want to read them though!) and most of the time my personal spending was more than $100 a month (although I managed to keep it lower than that October-December of this year). I still have not created any budgets, not just that, I actually completely gave up on creating one, like ever.

I do much better with projects within a short timeframe. A year-long commitment to whatever resolution I ever set up has never been a success. So no January 1st resolutions for me. Instead, I would like to accomplish some things, but without any timelines and without putting too much pressure on myself.

  • I will just try to be consistently frugal and aware of where my money is going. Together with The Frugalwoods community I am joining the Super Uber January Challenge. Are any of you joining as well?
  • I will try to read a book here and there, whenever I can
  • I would like to come up with more recipes and overall eat healthier (less meat, more fruits, veggies and legumes)
  • I would like to drink more water
  • I would like to exercise more consistently

Are you usually making New Years’ Resolutions? Are you sticking to them throughout the year?



  1. lisa says:

    I am going to publish a post about my 2017 Goals. I am going to post 12 goals. I think I will post at least monthly with updates. Maybe weekly. Perhaps that will help me stay more on track.

    I am going to try to have a low spend month in January as well. I can’t say that I am not going to spend, but I am going to try to keep it low.

  2. SimpleIsGood4U says:

    Looking forward to your post re: the 2017 Goals (and the progress posts too!). I am super motivated for super uber frugal January. As for treats I am giving myself 2 excuses for a latte when I meet with girlfriends. So let’s say $10-$15 for a month for a treat while being social.

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