I Made Turmeric Capsules (and why I did it myself)

I have heard SO much good stuff about turmeric for as long as I can remember, yet never used it in cooking or as a supplement. I think it literally has been named a ‘magic’ powder as it is believed to have many amazing health benefits and to name a few:

  • it is anti-inflammatory
  • it increases the antioxidant capacity of the body
  • may lower the risk of heart disease
  • may prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • it has benefits against depression
  • anti-aging, great for skin (may reduce wrinkles)

Well, my friend (let’s name her Betsy) who studies wellness and cosmetology recently made her very own turmeric capsules. Yep. This is serious business. I considered buying turmeric an old-fashioned way, namely at CVS or on Amazon to have it Prime-delivered, and here she is whipping out a batch all by herself. 💃

Why would she want to do it herself?

There must be a reason, I thought. Betsy is a health freak, big time. I am talking DIY deodorant from moroccan clay, bee wax and other organic, raw, vegan ingredients kind of a freak. Her Instagram feed is very specific, most of her hashtags are #natural #healthy #organic #DIY. Well, the reason turned out to be very simple –

  • If you make it yourself, you know exactly what’s in it. Duh.
  • It is literally like a bazillion times cheaper to do it yourself.
  • The capsules are really fun to make.
  • Once you have all the supplies, it is easier to continue to make the capsules (and take them) rather than remember to run to the store to get them (and pay again!). That’s Betsy’s philosophy and I agree. I usually take a supply of what I have on hand and then it takes me weeks to get a new batch. I am just bad like that.

I am awfully delayed with getting to it but after I caved in in early December and got all of the supplies, I finally made my very first capsules. 4 batches to be exact. That’s right:)

Turmeric capsules in the making. Please note an opened laptop on picture #2. While it is super simple to make the capsules once you know what you are doing, it was a bit tricky the very first time. Thankfully YouTube came to the rescue.

Ok, so first of all, before I did purchase all of the supplies, I checked online much much it would cost me and my first (and second and third) reaction was – ‘no, thank you’. But somehow I just kept seeing on my Instagram feed all the health benefits of turmeric and thought that really, especially T. could benefit from it (he has been having joint problems). And so I decided to make the initial investment.

I purchased:

It set me back around $42. It is a lot of money but if you consider purchasing the pre-filled capsules, you will see the difference very quickly. 180 capsules for $34.99? How about a 1000 for $42 – which is what I am able to make using the finest ingredient, no filler.

And final product 🙂 I am pretty proud of myself I have to say.

Another cool thing is that once you have your very own capsule machine (that you can share with a friend and split the cost as well), you can make any other capsules you want and the options are plenty. As advised by Betsy, organic maca, organic spirulina, noni and moringa powders are very health beneficial and can be capsule-d as well.

Let’s stay healthy this winter. Naturally.**


** Please treat this as a blog post only, I am not a health professional. Please do your own research and consult your physician for any medical advice.


    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I have not noticed anything yet but it has only been 2-3 weeks I think. I am trying to be good and actually take the pills daily 🙂
      This is what I struggle with most – being consistent (with anything I do!)

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