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My Bucket List


Doesn’t it seem to you sometimes that it was just yesterday that you celebrated your 18th birthday? I can’t believe time flies as quickly as it does. ‘So little time so much to do’ sounds almost too cliche. In between work and other everyday projects, it seems unreal that another year is almost halved. Every year I am setting up myself with goals and embarrassingly, I have to admit, I don’t follow through with most of them.

2016 is the year of change (or at least I want it to be!) Below is my ‘Bucket List’ of things I either actively started working on to make happen or I will work towards achieving sometime in the [near] future.


Travel to Japan, China, Nepal/Tybet, Peru

Spend a weekend in Paris

Live in (and work from) a tropical country for 3-6 months

My Bucket List

Fitness & Health

Learn to swim properly (meaning feeling comfortable with water above my head)

Stick to doing yoga at least once a week for a year (& actually learn the poses!)

Zero processed food for a month / year

Skills and personal growth

Start a blog (done as of April 2015) and continue for at least 2 years

Become an expert in WordPress

Learn Photoshop

Become an expert in Excel

Learn how to code

Lear to sew (successfully finish sewing a dress)

Read at least 2 books a month for a year

My Reading List for 2016


Start a family

Foster a child

Own a house

Move my father in with me

Grow a vegetable garden


Work for myself

Be able to work from any location

My Bucket List


Have $50,000  (done as of June 1, 2015)  $80,000 and $100,000 invested

Write and sell an e-book

Have 2-3 passive income streams

Share Love

Start my own charity focused on welfare of older people

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