My Goals and Resolutions for 2016

Just a few days ago I shared with you a Progress Report on how I did on my 2015 resolutions. Unfortunately I am less than pleased with the results. I think I got to a bad start when I came up with things that were slightly unrealistic for me from the start. I mean, reading 4 books in a month? I work 10-11 hours a day and on top of it I hop on my work email the moment I get on a subway each morning (which is when I thought all the reading would happen). The other unattainable resolution – DYI gifts. Haha. I think I came up with this one after I spent a couple of hours on Pinterest. I literally have a pile of clothing waiting to be fixed (hamming and re-attaching buttons) that has been waiting for me to get to it since early June. How can I be doing DYI gifts when sewing on a button takes me 6 months?

I want to succeed this year so I am going to come up with much more REALISTIC resolutions.

My Goals and Resolutions for 2016

My Goals and Resolutions for 2016

1. Read vs. watch

Instead of pledging to read 4 books each month, I will do best to read at least ONE book each month.

Whenever I claim to have no time to read, I will turn the TV set off! I surely had time to watch most of the episodes of Forensic Files and Dateline on ID this year. If I skip watching some of the episodes (or watching TV whatsoever) I will have time to read.

Do you want to read more in 2016 as well? I have created a pretty good list of books worth reading if you need some ideas. I actually ordered The Happiness Project already and cannot wait when I finally get to it!

2. $100 a month

max for personal spendings. That’s it. I do think this is a good resolution to roll over into the 2016. I seriously do not need anything at this point. I am all ‘clearanced out’ with body care products, clothing, notebooks, funny pens, and picture frames. Ha. I will think twice, or better yet, three times before I buy anything that is a spare of a moment want.

The $100 max needs to include clothing (again, reminder to self, that I don’t need any clothing but I know when I see a great deal I have a problem to resist!), weekend coffees, brunches and an occasional work lunch.

3. Meal plan

I got a bit better this year with meal planning but still lots of room for improvement here. I know that nothing lowers one’s grocery budget as much as meal planning.

Each weekend I will do a meal plan for a week ahead, shop my pantry first and always prepare a shopping list before going to a store. Do you think I can do it?

4. Continue to be generous

I am so lucky. I have an abundance. Abundance of all that I need. I have all I need and more. Paying tithing is not something that exists in the Catholic Church but giving in general surely is. I do best to be generous with my family and friends. I do not set specific parameters on generosity for this year but I do want to ‘check in’ with myself once in a while to make sure that I continue to think of others both in terms of being emotionally as well as financially generous.

5. More TLC for dad

I love my dad. My heart cries daily because he is just so far away. I call him almost every day and regardless of me being 36 years old he still calls me his ‘serdusio moje kochane’ (my darling little heart). My resolution for 2016 is to write him a short letter, a postcard, send a photo, a funny story, anything, at least every two weeks. It is so small on my part and I know how much it will mean to him. I can only imagine how much he is going to love it. I actually sent out a ‘spare of a moment’ card 2 days ago. I sent lots of love and $20 😉

I surely could throw in some other things such as:

  • I will go to a gym at least twice a week
  • I will refresh my Italian
  • I will cross out half of the items from my bucket list
  • I will cook ALL the meals from scratch

and several other things that I want to work on this year but as I mentioned I trust I have more chance to succeed if I set up 3-4 goals that are most realistic to stick to, while I can still do best to work on other things of course.

What are YOUR goals for 2016?

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