My Goals for 2015

Well, it is already almost mid April so I am a bit late into the game of making New Year’s resolutions and creating a list of goals for 2015 . Regardless, since we all know better late than never, here it is. While I am really hopeful that I will succeed in making all of the below happen this year, I will accept 90% success rate. So, here we go, my goals for 2015 are:

My Goals for 2015

1. Stick to a budget 100% for a month.

While I do keep a budget and log all of the household and personal expenses, my spendings are always above the set budget. Most of the time it is caused by impulse buys and need for some ‘retail therapy’. With my very thrifty nature, after buying something I had not planned I feel frustrated, rather than happy. I am hoping to be able to limit my expenses up to the amounts that I set for my budget.

2. Limit personal spendings to $100 a month for the rest of the year.

This means all the lattes, gifts, snacks, color cosmetics, etc. Enough said. Let’s see how I go.

3. Do not buy clothing or shoes for the rest of the year

This is the toughest one (especially with my love for Crossroads Trading). I currently probably own 30+ dresses, 10+ pairs of jeans and 25+ pairs of shoes, sandals and boots. How much more one girl needs? The only exception I may need to make is one piece bathing suite but that’s it. Otherwise, I am all set. All the shopping has Got To Stop!

4. Give DIY gifts this year

I purchased a sewing machine a few months ago and am planning to put it to good use. I will  make all the gifts for birthdays, Christmas and gifts for no reason, from scratch, myself, with my sewing machine. Sorry friends. I am planning on pillow cases, small pillows, stuffed toys, scarves and who knows what else.

5. Read more: at least 4 books each month

I just renewed my library card. I love reading and yet I can’t remember what the last book that I read was.. I remember times I would fight with my sister over the books we would pick up from a local library and who would read which book first. Now, I have the usual excuse (‘I have no time’) but I really want to change that.

6. Slow down 

Not sure how I am going to accomplish this one, considering I do feel I am at work most of the time, but I will do best this year to get more things done for myself. This includes reading, learning new skills, working on my hobbies such as sewing, trying new recipes, and taking care of myself more physically. Fingers crossed.

How are YOU going with all your resolutions for this year?

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