My Most Favorite Blogs and Frugal Life Inspirations

I have some ‘go to’ reads that I enjoy immensely. I have a subscription to ‘Forbes’, ‘Inc’ and ‘Fast Company’ magazines, which print some awesome articles occasionally. (Disclosure: I paid $5.99 for an annual subscription to Forbes and the other 2 magazines just started to show up at my door without me ever subscribing to them).  While all three of these provide an occasional inspiration, they surely tend to focus on those who already achieved a high level of financial success. The inspiration is rather short legged; I don’t think I will be a billionaire any time soon..

My Most Favorite Blogs

My daily financial inspirations are a short ‘click’ away and they are coming from people who are like me, who work hard, try to get best out of what they have, and focus on saving rather than spending, regardless of their level of income. Those families focus on long-term rewards, whether it is living simply and frugally to teach their children that happiness does not come with money, whether it is paying off their debt, retiring early or achieving financial independence.

My most favorite blogs are most favorite not just because they provide advise on ‘how to’ on multiple topics, but because people behind them inspire me on daily basis for who they are and what they represent.

The Prudent Homemaker

I just love Brandy and she inspires me with everything from home making to cooking and the way she is raising her children. Brandy proves that Christmas and birthday gifts do not need to break your bank (and if you make them with what you already have on hand, they will cost you zero). Brandy also proves that feeding family of 9 on less than $350 a month is possible if you get creative with your garden and pre plan your meals.

Brandy makes her blog visually appealing by including absolutely gorgeous photographs of her children, home and garden.

The Non-Consumer Advocate

Katy has been extremely encouraging for me to quit collecting stuff I don’t need, reusing, re-selling, up-cycling and re-doing.

One Hundred Dollars a Month

Mavis is funny and sarcastic. She had me at a ‘let me tell you Bob’ line a few years ago. Her blog is just such an easy read, full of stories of everyday successes or struggles (lately with HOA), gardening and pink flamingos, freezer meals, canning, Amazon deals and more. Not to mention Lucy, the puggle princess, whom I absolutely adore. Mavis has been on a mission to feed her family of 4 (or 3, after sending off one of her young ones onto college) on $100 a month. She is able to do that with getting most of her produce from her own garden.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) is my inspiration to make my retirement savings a priority and making investing in general a priority as well. Who does not want to retire early and comfortably? MMM explains how one, on a normal salary, can do that.

Bare Budget Guy

Mark is one of the most recent ‘discoveries’. Mark encourages everyone to ‘bare’ their budgets to see exactly where their money is going. This may be rough awakening for some to realize what drains their budget but absolutely necessary to make changes and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby is just a next-door girl, really easy to relate to and like :). Abby has great organizational skills and makes organizing look so simple. Abby, surely without knowing, encouraged me to start my very own, little blog.

Embracing Simple

Last but not least, my new discovery (or not so new anymore!) is Christina from Embracing Simple Blog who does just that :). Christina is a charming mom of a sweet little girl who shares with her readers simple ways of enjoying life without spending much. I like Christina’s way of creating content: interesting, easy reads full of useful, everyday tips.

What are YOUR most favorite blogs and why?

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