My Plans for the Week in Between

I am getting there. I am literally counting days. Feel like a kid who is getting closer to a summer break and going to a new school when the break is over.

The week in between

My last day at my current work is this Friday, June 10th. After giving notice almost 2.5 weeks ago, the last few days I had a very hard time to focus and actually WORK. While I still care and want to finish strong, I am struggling with productivity. Since the day I announced I was leaving, I’ve made sure I was leaving work at 6pm sharp, no checking email after that. Each morning after that I’ve been swamped and delayed with things. Ugh, annoying. I am just refusing to do any unpaid overtime at this point. Sorry, not happening.

The last few days, instead of drafting emails and travel itineraries for my boss while commuting, I read, called my dad more than usual and day dreamed about how I was going to spend the week off that I am taking before I start my new job. Yep, that’s right, I am taking a week off (9 days to be exact) and I am so happy about that. This will be the first time in years that literally I have no job obligation during my time off (at my current position, even on holiday I would be bothered with calls and txts to urge me to action some emails / review upcoming travel, etc).

Anyway, this Friday starting @5pm sharp I will be free from work email for the whole 9 days. I am hoping to make them productive but also give myself some time to recover from the major burnt out that I am going through right now. I am hoping to cut down on coffee, sleep in a little bit and generally take care of myself a bit more than I usually do.

Some other plans?

1. Refreshing my excel skills

Although I have of course used excel quite a bit in general, at my current position, not so much.. I know that I will be using it at my new job and I know that new version just came out like this year? I am going to go through a few tutorials to refresh my memory as far as some more complex formulas (if you don’t use them, you forget them quickly!)

2. Meal planning

I may be actually finally able to do it. Lol. I am quite sure that during my first month or two at the new job I will be working early and working late. I just know that I will want to get up to speed on things as quickly as I humanly can. I don’t mind working long hours but I do mind if it affects my budget. I definitely plan on brining all my breakfasts and lunches in every day. No exceptions! I am hoping to organize my tiny pantry, meal plan, and precook some things to make sure I am all prepared.

3. More work on my closet

It is always a work in progress. I think I am all set and don’t need to add anything to my wardrobe. What I DO need to do is to ensure all buttons and zippers are in place, all is nicely pressed and ready to just grab and go. I am planning on putting several sets ready for me to choose from in the morning. In the first couple of weeks it will be a true life saver in the morning.

4. Exercise!

During busy weeks, exercise is not my priority (although probably it should be), but I am planning to do something ‘physical’ each day next week. Biking is my favorite of course :), I am also planning on doing some yoga, I may even go for a run! (I am not a good runner and run at most twice a year 😳)

5. Lounge in a cafe during a week day

Haha. This is an ongoing dream. I mean, just taking my laptop to a cafe like at 1pm on a Wednesday and work on my personal things. This is huge in NYC, all cafes are always full with freelancers. For me? A rare treat. I am always at work during a day Monday-Friday, it’s been a long time since I was able to just take it easy on a regular day.

I wonder what else I shall add to the list?


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