My Weekly ‘Frugal Accomplishments’

I just love it when a week starts with a Tuesday. 4 day work week? I’ll take it! After I whined about my new job last week, I have to say it was much better this week. I think I just needed to cry about it a little, the first few weeks are challenging to get a grip of what’s going on, who is who and who does what. While I am open to other options still I am hopeful, after this week, that it will get better. I am seeing a ray of sunshine and some light at the end of the tunnel.

Regardless of little life dramas, one thing is constant. I am staying focused on saving M.O.N.E.Y 😉

1. I baked two loaves of bread

It was the first time I used this recipe and it came out ah-mazing! I am not a great baker and making bread is something very intimidating to me. This recipe does not get any easier though, it has only 4 ingredients that you basically just throw in together. You cannot mess this one up. If you are a beginner, this recipe is for you. The best part? It looks like I slaved over this bread, it looks as if I just picked it up from a fancy French bakery. Ha! I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

Frugal accomplishments

2. No meals out that past entire week

All prepped and cooked at home. Frugal being one reason and the other reason being that I am going out for brunch with two girlfriends tomorrow (one of them have been away for a year so it’s her ‘coming back’ celebration). I am thinking it will cost me $40 or so (just my share of course), no way around it, so I’ve been aware of it all week. I made it a point to make it the only meal out this week. #WorthIt

3. Freebies and cheap-ies

I got some free kindle books this week (all were ‘daily deals’ and actually decent books normally going for $10+ each).

I also got 2 bottles of Tide washing detergent for $1.88 each. No coupons, just a regular sale at Stop&Shop. Apparently they have this deal going like every 6 weeks. What? And I thought I was getting a good deal getting it for $2.49 with sale, coupons and extra bucks at CVS.

Frugal accomplishments
4. I FINALLY made the switch from paper cups to a portable coffee mug!

Frugal accomplishments

Yep, until now I have been using paper cups every morning to take my coffee on the road. Today I invested in $8 Contigo coffee mugs for both T. and me. I see they go for $22 each at Bed, Bath & Beyond but of course I got them on clearance!). These will save a lot of money in the long run.

How are you saving money?



  1. Renee says:

    Love your finds! I’m glad we both feel better about our new jobs. Can you share your recipe, please???? -Your Fellow Queens Muse

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Hi Renee! So glad to hear there are improvements (as far as the new job) on your side as well.
      The recipe is here:
      Seriously, I almost ate an entire loaf all by myself (since yesterday). It surely goes down easy.
      I do not have a dutch oven or Le Creuset pots. But I do have a slow cooker and I used its insert. I just covered it with aluminum foil and uncovered after 30 minutes. Then it took 15 minutes until perfection. Don’t make a mistake of cutting it right away, be patient till it cools off a bit 😉 (this is the hardest part). I made two loaves and cut into one of them straight away, before it was ready to be cut, it was still ‘breathing’ and needed time.
      I had a few slices with butter (I slightly toasted it) for breakfast and dinner today. Yum. Let me know if you make it and how it came out. x

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