No Spend January Update – Week 3

I am going to say this week has been semi-successful as far as no spending goes. Of course within our frugal community only, because as compared to a ‘regular Joe’ next door, I did absolutely amazing, basically I have been a super star.

On my way to work, while on a subway, I am giving myself a ‘frugal boost’ by reading morning posts from my favorite bloggers, getting myself motivated and excited about living life to the fullest, all while being joyfully frugal. It does not hurt to remind myself occasionally that the frugality is not just about saving money, it is a lot about happiness and contentment as well as the art of ‘stopping’ and not searching for more. I am 80/20 at the moment. While being more aware than most of the human population, I have my weaknesses and once in a while I am not able to resist a good sale or buy something totally unplanned (or needed), but that’s ok. This is an ongoing work in progress, I am blessed to be able to make mistakes while reaching for ‘perfect frugality’.

Frugal Living - Enjoy Free Art!

Let’s enjoy some free art. No ticket purchase necessary.

Let’s see how I have done so far in my no-spend January Challenge.

  1. Week 1 – Except groceries (I am shopping as usual) I spend absolutely $0!
  2. Week 2 – I spent an unplanned $16. I got a greta deal on things that I would need to buy in February anyway so no regrets!

Let’s look at this week –

Spendings –
  • We did splurge on a big grocery shopping but half of the items were stock up items. I am ok with that. Everything we bought is something that we eat on a regular basis and none of it will go to waste.
  • A bit unnecessary at the moment and surely could have held off with this purchase but decided to go for it and just do it. I purchased 12 pack of high quality flour sack kitchen towels on Amazon Prime. I have around 25-30 kitchen towels and basically eliminated paper towels at this point. We do not have washer / drying in the apartment and sometime stretch laundry day to every 3 weeks. When we do, the only thing I am always running low on are the kitchen towels! I am refusing to buy paper ones so I figured $16.99 for 12 is a good investment and they will last me for a very long time.
  • Sadly I lost my embroidery hoop so I ordered one as well. I chose the one that ships with Amazon Prime so it arrives quickly. At $5.12 plus tax it was not too bad. (I have free Amazon Prime through work). I cannot wait to start practicing the stitches from the books I got from my Secret Santa!

Savings –
  • I am a breakfast, lunch and dinner making machine. After we shopped Costco and Trader Joe’s last Saturday and spent a whooping $150, we have made ALL meals and snacks at home. AND the fridge is still half full. Except just a few items (bananas, apples and onions) I am not planning on buying any groceries next week.
  • While it is still way too early to say if it is making any difference, we have been taking homemade turmeric capsules for a week now. We also gave some to a friend who visited. I just made 3 more batches and am pretty sure the capsule machine I got already paid for itself at this point.
  • Remember me crying about having to have a root canal done? My appointment 1 of 2 happened on Wednesday and (oh blessings!) it has been submitted under a code ‘re-assessment’ or something like that, rather than a brand new root canal work. (I had it done 20 years ago on this tooth, it just had to be redone now). Just that different billing code make the price go down from $2,200 to $938. Crazy, right??! My usually very crappy dental insurance will cover almost $700 so out of pocket cost for me is only $238. I almost fainted from happiness of course. I still need to do a crown but at least I am not looking at thousands of dollars for the whole thing. God is good.
  • I am taking a free class on HTML coding and CSS on Khan Academy. Khan Academy is awesome; it has many great classes for all ages. Absolutely free. Make sure to check it out.

How are YOU doing this week?



  1. lisa says:

    What a blessing to get that root canal bill lowered so much!

    You are having a great January so far.

    I love that you sew, too! Have you seen the latest picture of my fabric stash? Oh my….I have to get busy on making projects!

    Thanks for listing me in your favorite bloggers! I was so touched. I really enjoy our frugal community.

  2. Becky says:

    Embroidery is so fun, and useful. I’m sure you will enjoy yourself making those towels. It’s also a great idea to practice on your own towels, then you will get really good at it for when you want to make gifts.

    Your mural picture reminds me of our recent trip to San Francisco, where we saw many murals. You live in a big city. Here’s a question I had while visiting a big city; How in the world do people get their shopping home (like a large grocery shop, etc.) when they often don’t have cars and are using public transportation. It seems like it would be difficult to carry it all home on a subway or bus.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I actually just spent an evening watching tutorials on embroidery and trying to put together a few small things 🙂 A bit clumsy since I have not done any of it since I was like 12 years old (when my mom was teaching me). I hope to get back in the groove. You are right, it IS fun and also very relaxing.

      As for living in a big city and carrying groceries home, yes, it is a bit of a challenge. Now, not a big deal, since we have a car but before I got married 4 years ago, I would carry it all on a subway / bus. It surely can get heavy so I needed to plan carefully what I can and cannot buy. (since I was also carrying my purse and laptop every day to work; shopping after work meant that I could only carry one more bag). Of course buying ANYTHING from Costco or such was not an option. Anything frozen, I had to buy locally, or it would not make its way to the freezer on time.

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