No Spend January Update and my Weekly Frugal Recap

Seven days into January and I am going strong. I mean, not a big deal. The bills are paid, the fridge is full, the one kitchen cupboard that I use as a pantry is bursting at its seams. It would literally be a shame if I started complaining now that no spending money on unnecessary crap is depriving me of living the ‘good life’.

Can you tell yet that I am motivated to make the ‘No spend January’ a total success? I bet you I am!

I am super motivated to make this year the biggest year yet. The biggest year of biggest savings, that it. This is an absolute priority this (and next) year, if we ever want to make our goals a reality. We have been talking about leaving New York once we save up ‘enough money’. I am literally counting days till when that glorious day comes. Not sure just yet what ‘enough’ means but once we know, we’ll know.

The no spend January is just to get me on the right track. I am getting inspired by the FrugalWoods Community as well as Our Next Life ‘Use It Up” Challenge. While I think I am sort of frugal now, I hope to bring it to a whole new level. NO excuses, no ‘but I work hard so I deserve it’ lines, God forbid another dress or 17th pair of leggings. I seriously have enough $hit to last me for the next 5 years. Most likely more if I take care of it well.

The only ‘flop’ this week are the blueberries. T. never buys them at $1.49 in summer. $4.99 in the midst of January? Sure! Needless to say he has been kindly instructed NOT to do it again.

The week 1 was easy. Bills got paid on time, the usual amount. Groceries purchased, no cuts there as I am sure T. would go slightly crazy if I cut him off from his beloved overpriced Costco buffalla mozzarella. He is not joining the no-spend challenge with me but as we go along I hope (I know) I can influence him to lower spending on everything else. Let me just tell you, his closet is fuller than mine, I really think as far as wardrobe he can go for a decade without buying anything.

This past week –

  • I brought lunches to work and left lunches for T. in the fridge so he finds no temptations to run out to spend $$ (most of his work is done from home)
  • Made all dinners from scratch, tried to use pantry ingredients as much as possible
  • Washed out a few ziplock baggies for future use
  • Carried my water bottle with me everywhere
  • Took leftovers from lunch at work (we get catering once a week)
  • Zero money spent on entertainment, no coffee out, no lattes, no bagels, no gum, no nothing

How is YOUR January going so far?



  1. lisa says:

    I think I am going to enjoy the weekly updates on my blog as well as keeping up with others’ progress. Your emoji about the blueberries made me LOL!

  2. Becky says:

    I hope they were really GOOD berries!!! And, I hope he truly enjoyed them. I would guess you have a good man there, and I’ll bet you were able to live with it as long as they were in good condition and he loved eating them. Maybe next summer you can u-pick some and freeze them for winter, if they do that in New York. I do it every summer. I’m actually excited that there are 2 blueberry bushes in the yard at our new house. I hope to get a good crop next summer.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Hi Becky. Yes! the berries were delicious but for that price they’d better be!
      I do have a good man here so I did not to make a big deal out of it (but it was not easy haha).
      I would love to be able to pick up more fruits and berries and freeze them but we live in a teeny tiny NYC apartment with a fridge that literally has one shelf for a freezer 🙁 very, very sad about that. Once we move at one point, that’s the dream – a garden, pantry and a freezer 🙂 Fingers crossed.

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