On Friendship

There is a saying that one becomes an average of five people she spends most time with. Shouldn’t we choose these 5 people wisely?

For me it is all about having a positive and joyful spirit, even in hard times. The ability to always be able to be greateful, even for the smallest things. I appreciate my friends’ kindness of not unloading their anger or frustrations on me when they are going through tough times in their lives.

Friendships are volunteer relationships, they should be brining nothing but joy and happiness. Even in challenging times. I am finding myself stepping back from a few ‘forever’ friendships. The friendships that no longer ‘pick me up’ or inspire me to be a better person but instead drag me down, make me argumentative and focus on gossip.

The ‘forever’ or ‘the best’ friends may not be worth keeping at all costs if they keep bringing more negative than positive into one’s life.

I have been very lucky to meet a couple of sweet girls quite recently. The new friendships are fresh and tender, joyful and kind. We have shared with each other some happy and some not so happy stories from the past. Shared some walks, a few meals and yes, some coffee too 🙂 We laugh, we exchange funny photos and inspiring quotes, we check in on weekend plans. We enjoy each other’s company.

Have YOU made new friends lately?


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