On Humanity

After the ban of migrants from several countries was issued by the Presidential Office, I have been distraught this entire week. After a few days I literally had to stop watching heartbreaking video clips, that were posted all over the web, of the family members waiting for their loved ones at the airports only to hear they will not be re-uniting with them. Especially one, of an older man from Iran, awaiting for his brother, crying, stack with me. I am thrilled to hear that the ban has been lifted at least for those who hold valid green card and visas. I am full of hope that those brother and thousands of other families will reunite soon.

This week I am spending more time counting my and my family’s blessings. We have shelter, stocked fridges, healthcare, full wallets and no fear of being bombed, raped or killed overnight. We are safe. We have won the ‘ovarian lottery’ as Warren Buffett has said it. None of us chose where we were born and yet we are the lucky ones. I am feeling guilty, like tonight, so cozy by the fireplace, spending time with T. and our friends, full bellies, about to watch a movie. There are children out there in the war zone who are about to lie down and sleep on the ground, hungry, scared. They will not be waking up knowing that another day will be different, they know the moment they wake up, they will live another day in hell.

How can we enjoy a day knowing what’s happening? How are we going to look back sometime from now knowing we let this happen? It’s crashing my heart and soul that these who have most power, instead of empathy and shelter offer rejection and just close the door. Uncaring. Instead of compassion, they’re building ‘the wall’.

I will never ‘get over this’.


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