On Taking a Break

It’s official. In the first week of June The PG Girl is giving her two weeks’ notice and quitting her job. It’s been exactly 5 years since she started working at that specific office and 4+ years of complaining, crying, boss and co-workers hating and overall work related bellyaching. While I have been having overall ups and downs but still generally enjoying day to day work activities, The PG Girl basically hates what she does. I’ve learnt to ignore her long txts she sends me throughout a day on how bad it is and how ready she is to leave her office. Basically, the time has come to part with it, there is just no other way at this point. So she is doing it. She is quitting her job.

She is quitting her job AND ‘taking a break’.

On Taking a Break

The PG Girl decided to not look for another job but to take 3 months off and go to Poland, to spend some time with her parents and to do some living at her new and beautiful, currently unoccupied, apartment in the heart of Warsaw. Basically, to recover mentally and physically, after years of doing what she did not want to be doing.

Quitting a job, pre-paying 3 months for her one bedroom apartment in Astoria and leaving for Poland to rest, work on her fashion blog, eat from her parents’ garden and ‘figure things out’. To give the ‘figure things out’ part more meaning, The PG Girl is hopeful that she will be able to spend more time writing, connecting with fashion brands, growing her blog and ultimately moving into ‘freelancing’. Yes, yet another person that dreams about not working for someone else but for herself. Currently, in between working full time and commute, The PG Girl barely finds time to ‘get creative’, and to take her fashion blog to the next level. She is getting partnership offers but barely has time to focus on producing content.

There is much hope involved with this 3 months break. I am keeping my fingers crossed (and will be checking on her apartment while she is gone until end of September!)

Have YOU ever taken a big leap of faith like that?



  1. TerriCheney says:

    Ahhhh I do envy people who do such as this. John and I discussed this on vacation this past week about how we’ve never been the sort to take risks. We were always too cautious, I guess. Bravo to your PG girl! If I were younger I’d take more risks I think…

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      It was not a quick decision for The PG Girl as we have been talking about this for at least a couple of years. She just got divorced last year so it made some of her decisions easier. She is also very lucky to have parents who are able (and happy) to help her financially if something were to happen.

      I admire that too, as I don’t think I would be brave enough to not have steady income and health insurance!

      My biggest dream is to move away from NYC and start over in a much less expensive location and I know that T. is happy with that planning as well. What keeps us from doing it is MY FEAR that we will not be able to find jobs for months in a new location. :/

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