Pellegrino Water and How Teaching by Example Works

While T. and I usually rush home after work during the week and spend most of the evenings together, weekends are a different story. Weekends mean spending time with friends. Sometime with mutual friends when we do things together but most of the time, T. spends time with his ‘boys’ and I see my girlfriends. I like it that way. It has always been a little bit upsetting when any of my ‘girls’ would suddenly ‘disappear’ after getting a boyfriend or getting married so I am very aware of not doing it myself.

Pellegrino Water and How Teaching by Example Works

This past weekend, I was catching up with Eva and The PG Girl and T., my other half, was hanging out with one of his friends, Alan. Alan is a lot younger than T., much louder and much more carefree with money. He is funny, with Eastern European roots, just like me, and he always says it how it is, no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing it is.

Anyway, after a few hours ‘on a town’ T. usually txts me to coordinate and also gives a ride to anyone that needs it before both of us head home. Since most of our friends do not own a car (it is more of a nuisance in New York City rather than a need), free rides are always appreciated. And so Eva and I are hopping into the car and T. and Alan are already there. Alan is laughing out loud.

Hey, Mariana, T. is crazy. Oh my God, we were so thirsty so I asked him to buy us some Pellegrino and he said no way, he wouldn’t be buying water while he has water bottles in the car. I id not have any cash on me and he made us wait half hour in this heat. 

Alan then went on about it and how cheap T. was. I did not make many comments while in a car except trying to change the subject, but it did get awkward for a moment. This was first time Eva met Alan and it was hard to say if he was joking or if he was serious. It IS normal, amongst my friends, to buy a Pellegrino or Evian water basically whenever you are thirsty. No thinking twice about it, especially in summer. The only problem is, each of these bottles will set one back between $2.5-$4.99. Drinking from a water fountain in a local park? No way!

T. saved $7 that day. $7 he was pressured to spend and he didn’t 🙂 He knew we had a couple of freshly re-filled, re-usable water bottles in the trunk of the car.

It was a proud moment. I need to cut him some slack, he is really trying. Maybe not the same way as I do, but he is doing all the right things.



  1. TerriCheney says:

    It may have been a little awkward but I know you felt proud of him. I had a balancing act to walk this week as we vacationed in St. Augustine. Meals out, the constant “We’re on vacation…” Well we were. So I suggested a picnic lunch at a favorite historical site as well as bringing along a meal for the trip home. I can live with balance!

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I definitely can relate to the ‘we are on vacation’ (so let’s not worry about spending money as we usually dd) or “we are on vacation, we deserve it!”.
      While on vacation we would usually not ‘skimp’ on a breakfast and coffee out but I DO want to eat dinner IN (as much as possible).

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