A Perfect (and frugal) Day in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Manhattan is overrated. I am in Manhattan Monday through Friday for work and when the weekend comes, unless I forget to take my apple’s charger from the office there is no way I am crossing that bridge! For the weekend I want to be in Brooklyn. I want to ‘hang’ in Willy or Greenpoint, I want to get a latte at Blue Bottle or Bean or just walk around with the PG Girl and discover a whole new, favorite place. Willy is one of those hoods where you can spend an entire day and not be bored. And if you are money conscious, just like me, you can do it on a cheap if you choose to.

I LOVE Brooklyn

Just last week I discovered a new place on Havemeyer Street – Little Choc Apothecary Craperie. Am I really going to mention CUPS again? Well, Choc was one of the places that offered free drink using CUPS app during CUPS’ birthday week so it was an easy choice. Choc was my first stop on a free coffee binge that day and while I actually ordered a cup of earl grey tea, it was absolutely amazing. I literally sucked on an empty cup not letting the last drop go to waste.

Weekend in Brooklyn

If you are a tea lover – Little Choc Apothecary is your place

When you are done with your tea, you shall head for some of the most delicious udon soup you’ve ever had or another Japanese treat at Samurai Mama on Grand Street. If you happen to go there around lunch time, you will be able to get the lunch special (comes with small soup, salad and another dish for around $10 total). It is definitely worth it and fills your belly full.

My next stop usually would be the benches by the river, the PG Girl and I like to settle with a book, glorious views of Manhattan skyline right in front of us.

Williamsburg Bridge and views of Manhattan from Brooklyn

Williamsburg Bridge and views of Manhattan from Brooklyn

On your way back, if you have a sweet tooth (which I do!), you can stop by at 16 Handles  to scoop up a few samples of frozen yogurt. Just come up to a counter and ask for a sample size paper small cup to try a few flavors. I usually try 2-3 flavors and this is all I crave. While sometime I do buy full size portion (which is ‘small size’ for me), most of the time I don’t feel obligated to.

Weekend in Brooklyn

16 Handles happens to be literally next door to my most favorite store on this planet, Crossroads Trading. Except a couple of pairs of flats at Payless this weekend, I am still going strong with my ‘I am not buying more clothes in 2016’ plan but let me tell you, it is hard sometimes. I have to admit I actually stopped by at Crossroads once last week and picked up a dress only to walked around with it for 25 minutes. I was trying to justify it with ‘I have not spent my $100 allocation for personal spendings yet so why not’ or ‘It is Alice&Olivia and it is silk and it’s only $16’, or my most favorite ‘I work hard and I deserve it’. Well, I went back to the ‘do I really need it or do I really want it’ question and I put the dress away.

I really enjoy window shopping too. It surely is wallet friendly.

I really enjoy window shopping too. It surely is wallet friendly.

What does your perfect day in your hood look like? Are you able to get some free treats, participate in free activities, etc?


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  1. Renee says:

    Fellow Queens resident from Kew Garden Hills! I love Amazing Savings and a good medium coffee from McDonalds. For a $1 any size, you can’t go wrong. But I, too, struggle with justifying certain purchases. I love your blog and insight. I can’t wait to read your Frugal Accomplishments every week.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thanks Renee! We are pretty close neighbors 🙂

      I am spending $1.25 on a deli coffee without much guilt, but when I buy daily (which I have lately) it does add up. But yes, surely better price than a $5 latte. Yikes.

      Thank you for reading all my musings here, appreciate your sweet comment. As you will see from the frugal accomplishment post, I did not do well this past week! Lol

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