Rush to Succeed

I have been at my (not so new anymore) job for three weeks and two days now. I think I am settling, learning something new every day, even if they are just small things, such as they way my boss likes his envelope labels printed or who the AC or cable company that he uses is. Quite random things actually. My notebooks are getting filled up with info and my ‘to do’ lists are growing. I am going through the entire online database, folder by folder, project by project, year by year. Yep, it is exactly as little fun as it sounds. 😉

Rush to succeed

But I did have a few exciting moments yesterday. Going through some files I spotted that my boss’ son’s birthday info was noted incorrectly and it was me who found out. Potentially ‘deadly’ mistake if incorrect info was used to buy a plane ticket for example. Another exciting moment? My boss, who is currently traveling, asked me to send him some documents from the database and I knew which ones! I know it sounds like the simplest thing. Yes, normally it is, if you have been with a company for months / years but not when you start and have 117,000 files in each folder to choose from. Just by knowing what to send I felt so proud. Ha! Yep, that’s a reality of starting a new position. One needs time to settle, to know where files are stored, who the business partners are, their connection with the company, what is what and why we deal with it in the first place.

As with anything else that I do, yet again, it is all about feeling that I am adding value, that what I do has a purpose. The more I feel that way the more motivated I am to work, to improve and to find a better way to do things.

I am so much more hopeful than I was just a week and a half ago. While I see myself as a very patient person, work wise I am wanting to excel at everything and to excel at it RIGHT AWAY. I want to prove I am really good at what I am doing and I want everyone to know that they made the right choice of hiring me. This constant gratification need surely is a recipe for a complete break down if you find yourself not succeeding immediately. Everything has its learning curb and it’s OK to take time. I need to remember that.


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