Saving Some, Spending Some

While I have been trying to watch every dollar lately (since my trip back home is approaching) this week has been a bit challenging. I am pretty sure I spent more money ‘watching it’ than when I do when I am not watching it as much. I worked late four out of five days this week, and  by late I mean like 8pm late. To make this short story even shorter, T. and I purchased 2 lunches out (that makes it four) and we got two take out dinners. I hate to even write this down; basically in one week we squeezed in a month’s worth of meals out. Well, that’s what you gotta do sometimes I guess. The upside, of course, is that it was all super delicious and a very much welcome change to my usually quite monotonous cooking 🍝

frugal accomplishments

Polish ‘cukierenka’ in greenpoint, Brooklyn, has the best macaroons ever

As for frugal, freebies and good deals –

T. really scored at Crossroads. He got brand new, still with all the tags, DKNY 100% wool dress pants for $28. Made in Italy. All I had to do was hem them to fit, which I happily did. T. is going to wear these when he marries me again this December 😉

Frugal accomplishments

They fit perfectly!

Frugal accomplishments

Free latte always tastes great

I got 6 sample pockets of coffee Bustelo (pop up store in Williamsburg), we also ordered 2 cups of free latte that day 🙂 I never thought Cafe Bustelo coffee tastes that good! And not just because it was free.

That’s basically about it for the frugal or not so frugal.

I hope you saved more this week than I did!


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