Should I Write Only Positive Posts?

I had several blog post ideas this week but after I realized that none of them were positive or uplifting I ended up not writing anything. Some of the ideas included but were not limited to:

  • Writing about confidence and lack of it (me in the main role as the one lacking it)
  • Writing about toxic friendships and how one shall avoid them
  • Another post on frugality and general wastefulness
  • As well as delayed report on how I did on my New Year resolutions in March. As far as this one goes, I realized that I definitely spent more than double as far as my personal expenses, did not read a single book (working 11 hour days if I shall provide an excuse) and I still have not gotten to any sort of menu planning. The only thing I succeeded in was making sure my dad gets some well deserved TLC. I sent him a couple of cards and a letter where I tucked in $40. I also call him more than usual this week which both of us are enjoying. Otherwise nada, nothing happened.

Are you yawning yet? Well, I am.

I am feeling blue these past few days, I am still slightly disappointed after the aftermath of the Easter weekend, I am super busy at work and stressed out as I am looking for a new job. I am exhausted this week. Every day after 10-11 hours at work I run home to cook dinner, do dishes, prep lunches and do it all over the next day. And to make it worse, it got cold here again. Ugh. I just feel a bit sorry for myself this week 🙁

That’s when I get silent.

Because I want to be writing about positive, happy and uplifting things. I want to be inspiring, encouraging and funny.

So why I am even writing about this now, one may ask? Well, I just read Kara’s latest post and seems like it is not just me who is having this kind of a week.

And it’s ok.

I think I am too hard on myself. If I wrote only about positive things it would not reflect the real person that I am. I am happy most of the time but I also feel down sometimes too, sad, upset, angry. That’s what makes us all real, right?



  1. Kathy says:

    This is your blog, write what you want. Be authtentic.
    BTW, I respect you guarding your identity. Posting your picture or sharing your name is of no consequence. It is your spirit that shines through your words, and that enboldens you to the world.

  2. Laure says:

    I enjoy all of your blog posts. I don’t think it’s necessarily the topic that makes a blog post uplifting but the tone. For example, I stopped reading a blog where the author seems to think that in every area of life she ALWAYS has it harder than the rest of the world (and is therefore entitled to EVERYTHING). We all have challenges, and times of feeling blue — and cold weather in April will do that to you! — but, as Kathy wrote, your spirit really shines through.
    I also really enjoy your “can-do”, hardworking attitude. It’s a wonderful trait, and, while many people who aren’t immigrants have it too, I see in your posts that same spirit that my immigrant grandparents all had. I find it highly motivating, even when you write about your struggles. You don’t just give up and feel entitled.
    I’d really enjoy reading posts about any of the topics that you suggested 🙂

  3. SimpleIsGood4U says:

    Thank you guys. You are the best. 🙂
    The self pity gets to me sometimes and this week was just ‘one of those weeks’ I guess. Sometimes things just pile up and one feels like the light in the tunnel is barely shining. But it surely does get better and it is all about the attitude (just like you said, Laure).

    It is always a work in progress.

    It already got better 🙂 I left work at 5pm sharp today and advised T. we are on our own for dinner tonight. I was happy with a sandwich and he just reheated some very random leftovers. It saved me at least an hour, so I took a nap. Then I took a shower and (ahem) used some Veet on my legs (90% clearance at Duane Reade thank you very much). I just painted my nails too. And I opened a new Bath and Body Works body cream that smells heavenly. All of that really puts me in a good mood.
    Back to what I know – One can never go wrong with taking care of herself. After all everyone is asked to put an oxygen mask on themselves first before helping others, right? I am going to do some things for myself this weekend, see another PG Girl (PG=Polish Girl 😉 and treat myself kindly.

    I appreciate everyone’s time to stop by here and taking their time to give feedback. It still amazes me that I actually have a few readers. 🙂 x

  4. Amber says:

    I really enjoy all your posts. I appreciate your posts that reflect real life;. Most of us are struggling with something in our lives. It is nice to relate to other people who are also struggling.

    No one is put together totally. My one piece of advice would be to streamline everything. Everything that doesn’t fit into my long term goals got axed. I’m not sure if you have a Facebook account, but I don’t. I canceled mine a couple of years ago when I found myself criticizing other people’s “crazy” posts. And I didn’t want to be like that. Since then, I’ve been much happier.

    I read a great quote, “Don’t judge someone else’s best to your worst.” Just keep moving on. Life has an ebb and flow. No one works as much as you do and gets a lot done other than surviving.

    If you have cut out as much as you can from your life that doesn’t match your goals, then you’ve done your best.

  5. SimpleIsGood4U says:

    “Don’t judge someone else’s best to your worst.” – I like this 🙂

    “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” is another one of my favorites..

    As long as we do our best, we are in a good place. This is when patience and optimistic attitude plays a big role… an ongoing learning process for me to master these two..

    Agree on FB with you, Amber. I still have it but I took a year break a while ago (2014). I am using it now but limited posting and changed settings to not let others comment, tag, etc. I have 95% of my family back in Poland / Europe and this is still the best way to get to all the photos updates. But I do relate to all the negativity FB can bring. It brings a lot of hurt during break ups, etc and I surely experienced it in the past..

    Appreciate your kind words and happy to hear you are enjoying my musings here. 🙂

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