Simple Guide to Surviving Monday Blues

Well, a quick disclosure – I don’t really hate Mondays, I just don’t like them as much ;). If I had a choice between Monday and Wednesday, or Monday and Friday (not to even mention Saturday) Monday would never be my first choice. In all honesty my Mondays usually do not differ from any other workday so by now I am pretty much convinced that there is nothing wrong with a Monday per se, it is just the idea of the weekend ending that makes me be on a slightly grumpy side.

I tend to spend a lot of time on the weekends with The PG Girl and we observed that sometime around 5pm on a Sunday we both start to bring up Monday. ‘Oh my God, I just have so much to do tomorrow’, ‘My boss is traveling but I am sure he will be calling me at least 50 times’, ‘I am sure I already have like 80 emails’,  ‘Oh, I just wish we had Monday off’. Sounds familiar? Is this complaining helping? Not really! The only outcome of this sort of whining is losing a part of a perfectly good Sunday!



Simple Guide to Surviving Monday Blues

1. Be clear on your Monday priorities (as of Sunday night)

Instead of complaining, put aside 30 minutes each Sunday evening to go over your priorities for Monday. Knowing what is ahead of you will make you feel more prepared and relaxed.

For me this includes going though the emails that arrived over the weekend to see what’s being canceled, rescheduled and requested of me for the week ahead. I also check for replies regarding my current projects so I see who I need to be ‘chasing up’ as of Monday morning. Spending 30 minutes on a Sunday to prepare and being ‘in the know’ makes my Monday mornings much easier and less stressful.

2. Wake up early & take care of yourself in the morning

How about an hour before you need to leave the house?

  • No snoozing! Set up your alarm for when you actually want to get up. Maximize your sleep time.
  • Drink a glass of water once you wake up.
  • Put some (energizing) music on. How about  this playlist?  Try something new!
3. Have a proper breakfast

Let’s face it. If you are working like I am working, if you don’t have breakfast at home before leaving for work, especially on a busy Monday, you will not have time to have it until noon. Been there, done it. Not sure about you but if I don’t eat until noon I get pretty annoyed! Annoyed, hungry and swamped with work. Yea, it sure does not sound like a perfect day so far.

  • Prep your breakfast in the evening (or at least have an idea what you will be having the next morning).
  • Allocate enough time to enjoy it (instead of just gulping it down in 2 minutes).
4. Have the right attitude

This is going to be a great day 🙂 Because you are in control and you will make it that way.

  • Before your rush out of the door, take a few minutes to do something nice for yourself. Don’t skip lotion after shower, put some perfume on, feel good about what you are wearing
  • Walk into the subway with a smile, give a compliment to a stranger (and mean it)
5. Plan your day to get most out of it

Since we all know that the most productive time of the day is in the morning, don’t use it for FB or Instagram updates unless this is a part of your work of course.

  • Start with the most dreaded tasks first. Otherwise they will just hover over your head and stress you out all day long.
  • Create a to do list and try to stick to it (actually schedule some time in your diary to work on specific tasks).
  • Take small breaks throughout the day, even if it is just a 10 min walk or calling your mom for 5 minutes
6. Plan something fun for the evening

Your Monday will seem much better and will go much faster if you have something fun to look forward to in the evening.

  • How about a yoga class?
  • 30 min home spa
  • Coffee with a girlfriend
  • Home date with your beau?

Do YOU get Monday blues?

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