The Pleasures of a Simple Life

After quite challenging two weeks at work, I am embracing this 4th of July weekend. It came just at the right time. What a blessing to have three undisturbed days to do anything one pleases. What a blessing to have an invitation from friends out of town. Catching a train from Jamaica station to Long Island at 8:10am on a Saturday morning? Easy peasy! I arrived with plenty of ample time.

While I really like our tiny apartment in Queens, NY, I love getting out of town every once in a while. The smell of grass, the hay, horses, oh the smell of horses. I stop by to take my time to breathe in and breathe out, breathe in and out. To hug a tree. I had all of this growing up, the forests, orchards, wild berries, abundance of carrots and peas. Rose bushes. Simplicity.

Some nature and a pool is all I needed today

Some nature and a pool is all I needed today.

These georgeous raised beds are a dream come true.

These gorgeous, irrigated raised beds are every gardener’s dream come true.

I laugh at myself whenever I remember how, when leaving for the USA, I was hoping I would never go back to a farm life. Funny how life goes. Going back to nature, simplicity and self reliance is all I want now.


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