Simple Ways to Avoid Getting The 2:30 Feeling

My internal clock makes me wake up @6am regardless of how late I go to bed the night before. 6am, every day. Even on a weekend when I actually would not mind sleeping in. Isn’t it fascinating how our bodies are wired up? Usually when I wake up that early, just like today, I would open my eyes, check my phone (bad, bad habit), have a sip of water, realize I do not need to be up until 7am and then I try to sleep some more.

Just like my body makes me wake up @6am sharp, it is also begging me for a nap somewhere around 2:30pm. If I did not check the time all day long, I could probably tell you when 2:30 comes with the precision of a Swiss watch! My Goodness, if you are one of those getting the feeling, you know what I mean. Regardless where I am around that time (and this mostly means my office) I am ready to drop and take a nap. Not that I can, but believe or not, a few times I had to put my head on the desk as the feeling was that overwhelming. This is the time I would usually rush to our office kitchen to get yet another coffee although I am starting to think it is not really helping that much any more.


So what to do to avoid getting the 2:30 feeling?

1. Get a good night sleep the night before

Duh. I know this one is obvious but just for the record. 😉 Usually getting enough sleep helps, although (and I know first hand) it may not do the trick.

2. Don’t skip meals

Especially breakfast. Having a proper lunch doesn’t hurt either. Make sure to include protein in both meals, small fruit smoothie will not cut it. Now, you probably want to ask ‘who on earth lives on fruit smoothies for both breakfast and lunch’? Well, if you work in the most fashion conscious area in NYC (SoHo) then the answer sadly is ‘most everyone’. So, yea, there you have it. Replace your smoothie with a chicken salad and you’ll stay conscious at 2:30.

3. Limit the sugar

This one is for me. Bob, who sits right behind me, keeps a candy jar on his desk. And let me tell you he keeps that jar FULL. Everyone is stopping by to grab mini snickers, milky ways and other treats literally asking for a sugar crash later in the day. Yep, consuming all these treats also totally negates drinking the above mentioned fruit smoothies.

4. Get some fresh air

Even if you walk around the block after lunch. Even if you just stand by an opened window for a few minutes. If you have a chance to go for a quick run during a lunch break (and before you eat), definitely go for it.

5. Stay hydrated

And not necessarily on coffee 😉 Although it is may not be as bad for you after all.  Thank you Christina! Fall in love with drinking water. (I am still working on it). Drink some first thing you wake up. Invest in a good water bottle that you can bring along with you wherever you go. I love my Bobble. It makes drinking water easier somehow when I have my water bottle with me and don’t need to run to the kitchen to fill up a glass.

Any tricks YOU can share to beat the 2:30 feeling?


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