Small Things Add Up – Frugal Update

I am still in a recovery mode after spending one million dollars on an UBER ride last Saturday. Funny how most of my friends would not think twice about it. Well, I do, and while it was worthwhile, it is really painful to see the charge on my account. Ugh. I will get over it eventually, I promise.

This week was frugal and too quick. I enjoyed my boss being away from the office 3 out of 5 days; it is definitely less hectic and crazy when he is not in. I surely do like that!

Frugal accomplishments

I’ve been staying frugal (and enjoying it). I am so grateful for constant encouragement by a lot of fellow, like minded bloggers and whoever comments on their (my) posts. I especially love this post by Mrs. Frugalwoods. Frugality is a way of life and it is all about how YOU want to live life; it is not about THEM. Building confidence in one’s frugality is the key to staying happy and fulfilled while living on ‘less‘ while staying focused on long term financial goals.

Well, small things do add up, so read on to see how I did:

1. A HUGE gift box of goodies arrived at work

It had everything it in – fruits, cheeses, nuts, salami, crackers, you name it – it had it. After a couple of days, after everyone munched on whatever one wanted, there was still a lot left. It had to be cleaned up before the weekend and since there were no takers I ended up with a lot of goodies

Frugal accomplishments

Not pictured: 3 apples, 2 oranges, 2 pears and a few lemons. Before scooping it all up, I asked if anyone wanted to take anything home and no one did so I had no shame in packing it all up to take home.

I also took the actual basket that the goodies came in! It would have ended in trash otherwise. It is so big, it could actually be used as a bassinet. So lovely.

2. Brown bagging it all

This past Friday marked the fifth week at my new job and I ate lunch out only ONCE. Yes 🙂 I am so proud. No matter how tired or lazy I was, I made sure to prep my (and T.’s) lunch the night before. I continue to make oatmeal each Sunday night to make it easier on me and make sure I eat breakfast at all. It is just too easy for me to rush in the morning and not eat anything until lunch.

3. A weekend away from the city

As I am writing this we are enjoying the weekend out in the Hamptons, courtesy of our amazing friend David. He always makes sure to have a spare room for us; he is such a good friend. (of course he has a key to our apartment in Queens as well). Good friends #priceless.

Frugal accomplishments

Frugal accomplishments

We are soaking up the sun, T. is going surfing for a bit, I am enjoying my second coffee, good music is playing. I am so grateful for days like that.

4. We eat what we have

I did not do any grocery shopping this week (except milk for coffee); we were eating from the fridge and pantry even though T. mentioned on Monday that we had ‘nothing to eat’. After he said that, I was still able to cook 5 dinners with enough leftovers for lunches. I am sure I could magically whip up a few more meals out of the ‘nothing’ we have.

How did YOU save money last week?


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