Starting the Search for a New Job

So, I am starting to look for a new job**. I have been open to getting a new position for the last two years I just never made it a priority. I looked at some job postings, I even sent out my resume as a reply to some job offers I found online, but never pushed it as far as actually getting an interview. This time is different. I have been at my current position for more than 5 years and I am ready. I feel a bit conflicted though since I do realize I have it ‘good’. I mean, I am making decent money (60k is decent even for New York City) and have health coverage for me and T. with no deductible. That is good in my book.

Starting the Search for a New Job

But I am struggling to find joy in what I am doing (although I used to). The only thing that makes it easier for me to go through the day is the fact that the people I work with are super nice. Otherwise I feel I am pretty much running on an auto pilot, and running myself to the ground with my current schedule. Honestly I am also dreading the upcoming fall projects and I know that starting July until end of November I will work most evenings and some weekends too. No paid overtime 🙁 That just makes me want to scream.

And so I met with a headhunter yesterday and I will see what happens. The last time I interviewed was in January 2011 so it is a bit stressful to think about going through work search and interviewing again. But I am ready and I am going to start prepping this weekend. You know, all the ‘why do you think you are perfect for this position’, ‘what is your biggest strength’, and ‘why are you leaving your current position’ questions.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I will be reporting back while going through the process.

** And I can bravely say it here since I am not disclosing my identity while blogging.



  1. Elizabeth Vega says:

    Good luck on your job search!

    I’m wondering if you’re on LinkedIn? Although it’s not tremendously useful for job-hunting in my particular field (it might be in yours, though), I’ve found it a helpful tool for organizing my resume and keeping my professional contacts in a central location.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thank you for the good wishes, Elizabeth. Really appreciate it. 🙂
      Yes, I am on LinkedIn and you are right, it is potentially a really good tool in a job search. Throughout the years I have been contacted by several headhunters and potential employers through LinkedIn. Currently I am trying to switch sectors so unfortunately none of the offers are a fit for me. (Switching from non profit)

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