Stay Calm and Be Frugal

It’s been semi-easy not to spend too much money in the last 2-3 weeks (except for all the steady bills) due to me working late most of a day, each day. I put T. in charge of grocery shopping (sent him off with a detailed list of course) and except a few small things that he put in a basket on top of what he was sent for, he did well. 🙂

I am still going strong with brining all my lunches to work. Since June 20th I only purchased lunch twice!

I am pretty sure we went out for dinner only once this month. I felt a complete work burn-out and I had zero ideas what to make. Tuc Tuc in Long Island City came to the rescue and it was a $25 very well spent. Plus no dishes to do. We ‘killed two birds’ and called it a date night.

Master Chef quality home made Dutch baby!

Master Chef quality home made Dutch baby evolution. After trying a few variations, the best one is plain with no additional fruit or other stuff in it. It just gets puffier and lighter that way. I can always put ‘stuff’ on top.

Frugal accomplishments

Spotted by R train entrance in Astoria. Never seen a lower price on strawberries. Got several packages which I used for smoothies every morning for a week.

Frugal accomplishments

Ok. Some may argue this is not a great deal. But for me it was. This is all natural really tasty tomato sauce with only 5 ingredients that one can pronounce no problem! I purchased 4 big jars for $10 total and I know they will last me for 2-3 months. Good to have these on hand for quick dinners.

I got $10 of $10 purchase at JCPenny. I never shop at JCPenny so not sure how come I got the coupon but hey, I’ll take it. I think new socks never hurt anyone.

Made a trip to CVS using a 30% off email plus other coupons from the ‘red machine’ and some more from inserts. I got $102 worth of ‘stuff’ for $33. I used to be able to pay much less (I used to be an avid cvs crazy coupon lady a few years ago) but nowadays I just don’t have the energy to plan out coupon scenarios and search for inserts etc. Saving 70% made me very happy and all I got was what we actually needed (vitamins, toilet paper, feminine products, face wash, etc).

I already mentioned in my previous post a great deal I got for a return airfare to Poland for this November. $603?  Never happened before. I am very excited to see my family soon and saving 50% of what I was usually paying for flights.

Keep calm and stay frugal. X



  1. ms13 says:

    I used to CVS a lot myself a few years ago. I also think the coupons and deals aren’t as good as they used to be! I think just watching clearance deals are just as good if not better these days. Good job staying frugal…

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Yes I feel the same way. Also, the coupons in the Sunday paper inserts are for much lesser value. The P&G inserts used to have lots of b1g1 free coupons, I have not seen these in months.
      I like Duane Reade clearance at 90% at my local store in Maspeth I can get some great deals if I go often enough.

  2. Renee says:

    You inspire me. Fellow Queens Neighbor. I have to try that sauce when it’s on sale again at Stop and Shop. Great deal on the berries. How did you make that apple dessert?

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Hi Renee, I see you are no stranger to Stop & Shop 😉 my local one in Maspeth is 24/7. I like the convenience of shopping at 10pm. No lines and sales are still there.

      The apple dessert is great for breakfast too. These are called Dutch Babies and I used this recipe:

      Super easy and super yummy but it took me 3 or 4 trials to make it perfect.
      – need to use room temperature ingredients (eggs, milk)
      – no skimping on butter
      – skillet and butter should be super hot before pouring the batter in
      – no peaking while baking!

      I tried a plain variety and an apple variation. The plain came out so much better and it was airy and fluffy and custardy just like it should be. The apples made it a bit hard to raise. You can still put anything on top of a plain one so i will just do that next time. Great with jam, powdered sugar, lemon custard, whipped cream, simmered apples, etc. if you google ‘Dutch baby’ or ‘German baby’ you can see some other variations too. It is also almost same recipe as English pudding (the difference is the English pudding is using fewer eggs)

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