Staying Frugal Here.

I am slowly getting over the price of my upcoming root canal, I have also come up with a plan. Namely, I am waiting until January when my crappy dental insurance resets and when my FSA account is fully founded again. I am thinking between the two of them I shall mange just fine. Regardless, spending any money was banned last week in this Queens household. 😉 We picked up a few bananas and milk at Costco but other than that I made my best efforts to come up with (mostly) edible meals out of my fridge’s contents. What exactly I made? Well, to make a short story even shorter, let me just tell you that we are not going to look at brussel sprouts and sweet potato for a long time.

We enjoyed free activities.

Today we were invited to join an ‘Opera and Art’ Brunch event where we enjoyed some good music and delicious food. After that we went to Oculus Mall at The World Trade Center. We just walked around, purchased nothing and had a great time.

Oculus Mall at The World Trade Center

I finally got an email from my local Maspeth library and picked up The Total Money Makover. Phew. I was 17th on the wait list and it only took like 8 months.

I had my eye on these glass Pyrex mixing bowls. At $9.99 for 8 pieces I almost convinced myself I really needed some. Well, I did not get them and let me affirm you that the pancakes I made this morning using a regular plastic bowl that I already own tasted pretty good.

We also did NOT get any of these 🦀 🦀. While we enjoyed looking at them, we were told by a Costco employee they have a ‘no photo policy’ for seafood. 😂
You can tell I totally ignored that made up ‘rule’.

I also got 2 free lunches at work. Made sure to save the leftovers and treat T. to dinner ;). Saved time and money and no food waste.

Cooked all the remaining meals at home and brought my own snacks to work.

Zero coffees out this last week!

I posted 8 items on eBay, including an item for a whopping $599. I already got 2 ‘watchers’ so fingers crossed.

I finally finished working on my ‘ironing pile’. My summer clothing is finally put away. Haha. Yep, I was slightly delayed on doing that. I washed and ironed a few items that were ‘dry clean only’. They look great and no $$ spent.

How are YOU saving money? Xx



  1. Ready, Set, Save says:

    Dave Ramsey has both a video channel on You Tube and daily podcasts that I listen/ watch while putting around the house and going for walks. Chris Hogan from the Dave Ramsey team also podcasts about retirement and preparing for it. He posts every two weeks. Awesome and motivational.
    Dave on his website has some awesome deals for purchasing his books, tapes, etcetera for the 12 days of Christmas deals. If you were going to purchase, this would be a good time. No pressure:)
    I started listening to him about 12 years ago. My husband is a great guy who is not a big spender. I run most of the spending plan by him regularly and he has complete input. Yet, when I became intentional in where I was spending money. I set an awesome saving goal and met it in 18 months. Take the savings off the top, start saving for retirement now, eliminate debt and spend less than you make.
    You are an awesome example of frugality and savings. You show it by the actions of activities you do for your sister and her family, your father and your husband.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thank you :). I am inspired by the entire ‘frugal’ community out there. For me the big ‘wow’ moment was when I started tracking our ‘net worth’. What a motivation to actually see the savings and investments grow. I know we have saved more just by doing that.

  2. lisa says:

    The Total Money Makeover was a life-changing book for us. We finally got the budgeting and within 21/2 years we payed off $60K in debt and had s six month’s emergency fund.

    Good luck and enjoy the book. It is a quick read, especially when you are excited to get your finances in order.

    Come by for a visit at my blog.Lis

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