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Free goodies for the baby

After finding out I am expecting I started researching what free (or almost free) goodies I can get for my little babe. This is what I have been able to get so far:

Target Registry

If you sign up for Target Registry (signing up and putting a few things on your list is all you need to do. No need to purchase anything), you can pick up from Target’s ‘Guest Services’ at their store a ‘welcome kit’ worth approximately $20-$25. I did not have a chance to pick it up after 2 or so months but to my big surprise it was actually mailed to me. On Target’s website it is advertised as worth closer to $50 but it was definitely less than that.

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Frugal Accomplishments, No More Budgeting and Feeling Grateful

My biggest frugal accomplishment this week was spending money only on groceries. No meals out, no work lunches, no expensive coffees with friends. Except one time, I was not even tempted too much to be honest, I think frugality definitely is growing on me. Instead if spending my paycheck on things I don’t need, what really makes me happy is being able to consistently transfer a chunk of $$ into my retirement account. They are not big amounts but I know that slow and steady wins the race. I feel very lucky I am able to transfer something every single month, I know there are many people out there who do not have the luxury of doing so.

Frugal accomplishments

We are having a lovely weekend away from the city. Staying for free at a friend’s house – priceless.

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