The Identity of a Blogger

This post is prompted by an email that I received recently asking me to replace the photo of my ballerina flats with an actual photo of my face. You know, like other bloggers do. First of all, I really feel flattered that: a). someone took time to write to me with such request which means that someone actually reads this little blog of mine and b). that I was referred to as ‘a blogger’ which I have not thought of myself up until now. Hmm.. I guess, after producing close to 90 posts I can call myself that. 😉

The Identity of a Blogger

Anyway, I have to say I did consider posting an actual photo of myself but I am going to hold off for now. I am fully aware that it is against all the blogging experts’ advice who claim that having a photo as part of one’s ‘About’ page increases readership, credibility and allows the reader to bond with the writer and ‘stick’ for a while. Well, I am going to take the risk of my readership not drastically increasing and my credibility remaining the same whether I keep my pretty pink shoes as my profile pic or if I replace it with a photo of what I actually look like. Strangely, I actually think quite the opposite, I trust that my credibility and honesty is drastically higher when I am not fully disclosing who I am. I am just like you, a next door friend. My name could be Mariana or Molly or Lucy. Regardless of what it is, all the posts are still ‘Me’ and I hope that whoever reads them, enjoys them.

The Identity of a Blogger:

Mariana is NOT my real name

Ha! But I love it! And that is good enough reason for me to call myself that in my ‘online’ life. The pink ballet shoes are actually mine 🙂

I REALLY say what I mean

since I stay anonymous. No friend or co-worker or an existing (or potential new) employer can google me. I am not compromising anything. I can be serious, silly, funny, controversial, I can be anything and everything that I am.

It is just MY thing

not shared with family or friends. That would definitely ‘cut down’ on honesty here… I am very happy to keep it to myself without anyone ‘cheering me on’, making comments or feeling hurt when I don’t mention them in any of the posts or when I do and they don’t like the context!

Have YOU been thinking about starting a blog but are afraid of putting yourself too much ‘out there’? Would you feel more comfortable if you did not disclose your name? I welcome your comments.

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