The Job Search Is Over

I just went for it in May. I think I was ready for a change at least a couple of years ago, maybe sooner, but I was not taking much action then. Well, except talking about it that is. It just kept growing on me. T. and my friends heard their shares of me talking about how ready I was to look for a new job, how much I wanted a change, how much I wanted to learn new things. But nothing happened then, I think no one believed the change was actually coming.

Well, the chance is not coming until or unless one takes action. I shared with you several weeks ago that I was ready, I was ready to put myself out there and find something new, something that would make me happier, something more financially rewarding, something that would give me a potential to grow. Sounds like a great plan, right? Yeah, right… The problem was that even before talking to potential employers I was having second thoughts…

My current job is not bad and I am so comfortable here.. I like everyone and everyone likes me…

I have some nice perks here and there…

I have great health benefits for T. and I and I shall be grateful for it…

and all the ‘what ifs’:

What if it turns out that I give my resignation and after a week or so I decide I hate my new job. There will be no way back.

What if I fail and won’t do a ‘good job’, what if they fire me and I will be left with nothing?

What if my new co-workers don’t like me?

You see where I’m going with this?

Regardless, I continued interviewing, stressing out about the unknown. Then, success! I got an offer last Tuesday and I accepted it.  I got an offer for a position that will pay a lot more, offers excellent perks,  and definitely has a room for growth. I am leaving the non profit world and entering a privately held asset management company. Not believing it is actually happening, excited but still fearing…

I do believe things happen for a reason. I met with a friend that evening, we just walked along the Hudson River, sat on a bench, enjoyed the views of New Jersey shore. She returned a book I lent her a while ago and also pulled out another one.






The fear.

It is all in one’s mind.

I am going to do well. I am not going to let fear trouble me, I am not going to think about potential issues at new job, before I even start it! Instead of feeding fear in my mind I want to feed patience, kindness and confidence.

Can you relate?



    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thank you Terri, I am so relieved, the work search process was much less painful than I expected it. I guess, I just heard too many stories of job search lasting for months, some horrible and stressful interviews along the way.
      Listening to others and hearing all the negative stories is definitely not encouraging at all. I interviewed with really nice people each time, all went so smooth. Each case is different I guess, I want to start looking at things like that. After I truly focused on it, it took not more than 2 months!
      Wishing you a great weekend, appreciate your positive and encouraging comment x

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