Things I Don’t Like Doing

There are a few things that you don’t know about me, I am also not disclosing my real name or posting any photos of myself or my family. BECAUSE I am not disclosing who I am, I also feel I can be totally honest. I can type up anything I want. No one will judge me and if they will, oh well. Who cares? My boss or my colleagues will not google me, my family and friends will not feel hurt if I ever say anything about them they don’t like!

Basically, I am blogging safely 🙂

Things I don't like doing

I want that you learn a bit more about me. All of us have some things that we don’t like doing (or are scared of doing) but do not necessarily want others know that. I am sharing a few of these things with you today.

Things that I don’t like doing:

1. I don’t like driving 🚕

I am never excited about it or looking forward to it. Although it has not always been the case; it just changed for me for some reason. I guess I am going to blame New York City for it. It is just not enjoyable with all the traffic, people trying to cut you off whenever they can, possibilities for an accident are endless, missing your exit is just too easy too. I am scared of getting lost and just driving in circles (happened before). Yes, even with GPS.
T. loves driving so he takes it for the team most of the time.
He also knows I will NOT be picking him up from the airport. Spending money on a cab is money well spend in my opinion, if it saves me from getting a heart attack.

2. You will not see me vacuuming

like ever. I am cooking and doing the dishes; T. is doing the laundry and vacuuming. I honestly don’t even recollect the last time I vacuumed, it is just not my thing. That’s right, if T. is away for a week or two, I just wait for him to come back and vacuum.

3. Bra shopping 👙

TMI? Well, that’s the level of honesty I am talking about.

As my lovely husband said it once, I am basically ‘flat’. 😳 Well, thanks. Hate the bra shopping; it literally brings my spirits down.

4. Public speaking 🎤

literally makes my heart race a hundred miles per hour. Even if I know everyone in the room;  even when I am prepared and know exactly what I will be talking about. It just does not come naturally to me.

A while ago I took a part in ‘Toasmasters’ course, which has not helped me much. Instead, it seemed to bring more stress into my life so I attended only a few sessions. I am open to suggestions, may you have any.

I am afraid this will always be a work in progress.

5. Staying out late 🍹

Although I do go to bed way too late. In my twenties, 8 or 9pm would be the time I was just getting ready to go out ‘on the down’. I would be home by midnight or 1am, ready to wake up bright and early and leave for work by 8am next morning. Now, it’s a whole new story. At 36, if I stay out past 9pm on a week day, I am literally getting cranky. If I stay out late, I get tired and less social, one glass of wine literally puts me to sleep (I used to handle 3 glasses no problem). I am definitely getting old maturing.

6. Working out 💪

Although I keep trying to like it. I like to go biking or play some tennis with T., go for a walk, etc but the actual ‘working out’ just does not ‘stick’. I am giving it another chance this fall though. Not giving up on this one.


Can YOU relate to any of these?



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