Things I Love About Fall

Just like that, with a turn of a calendar page from August to September, I start to smell fall in the air. It is absolutely my most favorite time of a year. In Poland starting mid September, for approximately two weeks, we would have ‘Babie Lato‘. Babie lato means a season when, on warm fall days a certain kind of spiders produces an unusually generous amount of substance used for producing webs. The substance gets released into the air, into a warm fall breeze, literally dancing in the air. Spiders’ nets in the air, long and short, a bit sticky, getting caught in fences, tree branches and hair. Growing up we used to sit on a porch, shelling beans or shacking corn, enjoying the view of the nets flying buy.  We would use sticks to chase and catch them; whoever catches more – wins.

love fall

Those times are never coming back, no more sitting on a porch with mom calling us to go back home. Dad fixing his motorbike rushing to wrap up before it gets completely dark. Aunt Marysia attending to the piglets and counting chickens before locking up the chicken’s coop. So much abundance, garden full of vegetables ready to be canned, pickled and dehydrated. Apples, plums and pears ready to be picked and turned into jams and jellies. The farm was full of life when I was 8 years old. Now, 30 years later, the world has changed.

love fall

My grandma’s town, in the Polish Tatra Mountains, where we used to spend all our summer and fall weekends.

Not for better or worse, just for different. The local farms deserted, old neighbors passed, young people left. The fall was always the best time. Time of refilling the pantries, apple pies and camp fire baked potatoes. The memories of those times will always stay with me.

Now that I’m a grown up and far away from my family home, I love fall for multiple things:

1. Warm blankets and fall scented candles

Nothing feels better to me than being home on a crisp fall evening, all snuggled up in a woolen blanket. Cozy and safe. To make it feel even better –

  • Bake an apple (brown sugar and cinnamon on top)
  • Make hot chocolate. Yum.
  • Binge watch your favorite show. ‘Friends’ re-runs are ok!
Seotember -November mood * I do not own this image

September -November mood
* I do not own this image

2. Fresh, cool breeze in a morning

Especially on weekends when I am not rushing to work. I like to make an early morning run to a local grocery store, no car, I would just walk, coffee mug in hand of course. Fresh, crisp air, just breathe in and out, in and out. It feels like a therapy session. And it’s absolutely free. Everything gets better after that.

3. All these colors

love fall

love fall

4. Early evenings

After long summer days, I am craving early and long fall evenings. This is when I am most productive. I am planning on reading more (see my 2016 Reading List), working on a few sewing projects as well as try new recipes. Really looking forward to it.

5. Farmers markets

and homemade apple cider. The abundance of fruits and vegetables at my local farmers markets makes me want to eat healthy, make smoothies and juices. While I am always looking for a best deal on my groceries, I also like being generous. My dad was a farmer too and I know it is hard work. I like to splurge on imperfect, juicy, hand picked, local apples. It makes me happy to be able to appreciate and support local community.

What is YOUR favorite thing about fall?


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