Two Weeks from a Life of a Frugal Lady

My hubby boy has been traveling for work for the last 2 weeks and I have been the so called ‘slomiana wdowa’ meaning a ‘single lady on a loose’ ;). Oh the social plans I had, oh the 7 page long ‘to do list’ that I was planning to accomplish. Like organizing, purging, cleaning, eating donuts for dinner, binge watching Gordon Ramsey till the wee hours of 1am. You know, the regular things one does when her husband leaves for a few days or longer.

Just trying to stay calm

Well, let me tell you, all my planning was for nothing as literally the day T. left I got sick. Not sick with a flu or a sore throat or not even with a broken finger. I got some pretty heavy symptoms of a chronic disease that I have been dealing with for quite a white now. Quite frustrating and definitely very bad timing! Short story even shorter – out of my seven page ‘to do’ list I accomplished only a few things. And needless to say all my social plans for after work went down the drain turning into me running directly to subway to get home as soon as I could.

While T. was away I made an attempt to do another version of a no spend two weeks (possibly longer depending when he is back!). This mostly translates to me eating from the fridge and cupboards. T. is much more fussier than I am so some of the items (oddly shaped pasta, powdered milk, canned soup, canned fish, marinated herring, chick peas and a few other things) that I actually stocked up on are a big ‘no no’ for him. Well, for the last 2 weeks that’s what I was mostly having. I also noticed that when it is just me I can basically spend $10 on a grocery shopping for a week and with what I already have I can eat like a queen. For some reason, when T. is here, I cannot imagine this happening. I think him being a bit more of a self acclaimed foodie and not wanting to ‘deprive’ himself makes us spend a lot more on groceries than we actually need to spend. But I can’t win this one, so just letting it be 😉

I have also been working on this 10 pound bag of potatoes. I am half way there.

On top of saving on groceries, that’s how I saved us money:

  1. I sold an item on ebay and after all is said and done, I netted around $98. For packing I used supplies I saved from a package I received from Amazon. Saved $ and reused what I had on hand. Win-win! Unfortunately the money did not stay in my PayPal for too long. I spent it all on UBER rides home after work when I was not feeling well enough to go into subway. But at least it was the ‘extra’ money that did not come out from my checking account. So still very much thrilled about it.
  2. The last few days I felt better and attended a work gala event yesterday. I had a ‘plus 1’ so I took a girlfriend I was making plans with anyway. We had a chance to catch up and got a free three course dinner out of it 🙂
  3. I found $1 on a subway stairs, I looked around first and then snatched it. 😉
  4. While at home most of the evenings, I watched shows on YouTube and Apple TV, at the same time working on some hand sewing; I fixed some buttons, torn pockets and a ripped zipper.
  5. I made another batch of turmeric and vitamin C Capsules. The capsule machine paid for itself twice over already. Cannot really tell if the turmeric’s power kicked in and what good it has been doing for my body but I am going to ‘stick’ to it for the long run.

How are YOU saving money?



  1. Bethany says:

    Sounds like you had a pretty good frugal week(s) despite being sick. That stinks. 🙁

    So, grocery shopping with the Hubby: today we were at Kroger and I found some candy bars (the super-size ones) on sale for 79 cents. I picked out four of them; three to eat and one to use for cooking. Well, my husband started looking through the candy, and before we left the store we had bought $10.00 worth! LOL! I’m sure your husband spends extra on more noble food items than candy, though.

    But yeah, I tend to spend a little more shopping for a husband than I would for myself. Congrats on your ebay sale and subway dollar! It’s amazing how much change you can find in parking lots and public places.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Hi Bethany, good deal on the candy. Curious to hear how you are using it for cooking? Would you just melt it or something and add to a cake? Just wondering? 🙂
      My hubby would spend some $$ on sweets himself. He surely has a sweet tooth although he does not admit to it.

  2. Becky says:

    I’m sorry you were not feeling well. That must have been discouraging.

    I always make plans when my husband is away, too, but mine mostly center around keeping the children distracted. He has not gone anywhere for quite a while, but once, a few years ago, he was gone for 2-1/2 weeks and left me with a house full of children and a sick dog, along with farm chores. Of course, that was the longest 2-1/2 weeks, ever!!

    I agree, send him into the store, and he buys several of each snack item that is a good deal. So–4 bags of chips, 3 cartons of ice cream, etc. To be fair, I catch myself doing it sometimes as well! We just can’t get away from the idea that we don’t have as many mouths to feed as we used to, with so many of the kids grown and gone. When we had so many kids at home, if we wanted even 1 bite of a treat food, we had to have a lot of it on hand. Now, we just eat it ourselves with the remaining kids. Hmmmm…..not such a good plan at times! So, we are trying to train ourselves to buy less.

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