Useful Tips for Job Hunting

So it happens that most of my friends are looking for a new job this time of year. For various reasons such as moving to another city, not being challenged and being bored with what they currently do, not having an option to get a promotion or simply hoping to be paid more. Job hunting is quite stressful in itself, so it is a good idea to arm yourself with buddha-like patience as well as being open to making a few sacrifices here and there.  If you are looking for some advice and useful tips while job hunting, here are a few suggestions that you may find helpful:

tips job hunting

1. Be Flexible

Unless you need a surgery that day or your wife is giving birth to your first born son, be ready to cancel all your plans to get to an interview if you had been offered one. If you email back and forth with an HR person trying to find another time, do not be surprised if you never hear back.

2. Take Chances

Sure, every employer wants you to have 8+ years of experience, be an expert at every software under the sun, speak 2 foreign languages and have excellent communication, writing, and other (you name it) stills. If you think they will hire a person as exactly described in the job description, well, think again. As long as the description fits at least 50% of what you have to offer – go for it. Of course, experience and skills are very important, but confidence (not cockiness) and willingness to learn is as important.

3. Be Reachable

You had a very productive week work search wise. You totally revamped your cover letter, sent out 100+ resumes,  anxious to hear back. Nothing wrong with rewarding yourself and taking Friday off to make it a long weekend. Saying that, consider it a bad idea to go away where you know your cell phone has no reception (I know my phone never works while in the Hudson Valley!) It may be pretty upsetting to come back home on Sunday night only to find out that you have 5 voicemails from Friday morning from potential employers.


4. Stay Organized

Another helpful tip for any job seeker. Do not be afraid to spend that extra minute or two to make notes, create to do and follow up lists. If you have a clear plan of what you  need to do, you will feel more accomplished and confident. Before you jump into sending out resumes and cover letters like a mad man, ensure that they are up to date and fit the position you are applying for.

5. Be Picky

Unless you are looking for a job to hold you over a summer and are willing to accept any offer, then you need to narrow down your search and do best to stick to it. Be picky, know what you want and deserve and do not settle for less. If you do, you will start feeling unhappy and unsatisfied very quickly and will be back to the ordeal of a job search again. Yeah, you definitely do not want that!

Do YOU have any other tips worth sharing?


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