Ways I Saved Money Last Week

Last week I had a very long week work wise which prevented me from spending money. I had approximately zero personal time and shopping for anything was the last thing on my ‘to do’ list. Thankfully T. was up for doing grocery shopping, which was very helpful and appreciated.


This last quarter of 2016 is turning into much more expensive than expected. We’ve had medical expenses (copay and deductibles) of at least $600 in the last month, I am taking my annual trip to see my family back in Europe, we are planning on a small ‘wedding’ ceremony over Christmas and on top of that I just found out that T. owes a few thousand dollars to his parents. A loan he took from them in 2003 or 2004 but never paid it off..  I found out tonight and I see no other way than repaying it ASAP. No matter how much time has passed, a loan is a loan. No wonder T. does not have great relationship with him mom; things like unpaid loans will definitely do it!

All of the above motivates me even more to stay extra conscious and focused on spending money only on what we need; there will be no dining out going on in this household let me assure you. At least for the next two months until we get out of the woods. Possibly longer.

My ‘frugal accomplishments’ from last week:

1.Last week I got 2 free lunches and two free dinners at work. I also brought leftovers for T.

2. In front of one of the city’s ‘mini-storages’ I found a bag full of stuffed toys, some of them still with tags. Looked like someone was closing up their storage unit leaving behind whatever they were not willing to keep. I was rushing home so just grabbed the toys without going through all the other things left at a curb. I hope someone else did!

Frugal accomplishements

I am adding some of the stuffed toys to the gift baggies I am preparing for my nieces. They will be thrilled!

3. I found a baby blanket on a street. After I washed it, it looks great. I will gift it to my sister who will be welcoming a baby boy in late January.

4. I got a great deal on vitamins at CVS. I had some coupons and they also had a buy one get one free week so I stocked up on fish oil, vitamin D3 and a few other things.

5. I purchased American Eagle shoes for my dad on 60% off sale.

frugal accomplishments

I also remembered to complete an email survey and got an email with a code to redeem for a free coffee. 🙂

6. Religiously made all meals at home, washed out ziplock baggies to use again, used cloth rugs instead of paper towels, fix another pair of pants for T., watched free movies and read free books 🙂

 How did YOU save money?



  1. Peggy Ann in CT says:

    I love those bears. What a great find. Your nieces will surely love them. Wishing you a wonderful trip visiting your family in Poland. Safe travels.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      This is AWESOME!. Thank you so much, so very thoughtful of you to include this link. I just signed up for several freebies. I put together a package for my sister a few times a year so I am sure some of these freebies will arrive just in time for a February new baby boy. 🙂

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