Weekly Life and Frugal Update

We’ve been enjoying the last two weekends in Long Island. Thanks to our dear, very generous friend, we always have a place to stay in one of the most charming areas of the Hamptons, Sag Harbor. We make sure to never come empty handed so we always pack up a full bag of foods and goodies to basically cover most, if not all, of everybody’s meals. I love escaping the city for a weekend once in a while. I find it incredibly helpful in recharging for a week ahead. Very blessed to have friends who always welcome T. and me into their homes with open arms.

At the local bird sanctuary. Spring is finally here.

A little koi pond nearby. We are taking the spring in today.

We are just driving around the hood this weekend enjoying nature time.

April has been a bit of a hectic month for me and while I have been making an effort to do some ‘self care’ activities, I haven’t been able to do many of these. My boss is working from our NYC office this month (he has another office in Miami) so I have been on a very unpredictable schedule. Let me tell you – not knowing what time you leave work every evening makes it very difficult to make any plans. So, to avoid being a super flaky friend, I decided not to make any plans, until I know I can actually stick to them.

I have been on my second week of Hello Fresh. While I received $40 off of the first box, I paid a full price for the second one ($60). I have to say, the shrimp, sausage and pork dishes from the first box were totally worth it. The second box we ordered was a vegetarian collection and it’s been rather disappointing. Three dinners for 2 at the cost of $60, while I could have purchased all of the ingredients way cheaper, I actually had most of them on hand, such as sweet potatoes, pita, avocado and cucumber, all purchased in bulk. I am going to give it a shot for one more week (ordering ‘meaty’ meals) and decide then if we will continue.

Brussels sprouts chips in the making. They did not come out well!

While we have been staying money conscious. T. splurged on a few things at Crossroads, which included dressy shoes he has been looking to purchase for a few months now. He was able to get an almost brand new pair that retails for $180 for a mere $21. I am so pleased. After shopping for clothes and shoes at Crossroads for the last few years at 80-90% discount, it is really, REALLY hard to pay anything retail. That excludes underwear, stocking and socks of course.

Other than that, we cooked all meals and made  all coffees at home, I had 2 free lunches at work as well. We’ve been entertaining ourselves for free or cheap with Netflix, Apple TV, library books and our bikes (that we purchased last year for $119 each at Toys r Us of all the places ha).

How is YOUR week going?


  1. Becky says:

    Yah, what’s with brussel sprouts being the newest popular food, and making oven “chips” out of everything from kale to beet greens, and now brussel sprouts? Wow! I can see that they would not fly around here. I’ve got some picky eaters. I’ve been shocked that they have been eating the Swiss chard I grew. They never have before. Hmmmmm. Maybe they would eat Brussel sprouts……

    I am interested in hearing how the food boxes go, though. It’s only logical that there would be something you did not like once in a while, and I’m hoping having them saves you a ton of time. You may find that it is worth it to just have the ingredients and recipe sitting there waiting for you when you do return from your long work days. It would solve the “what shall I make for dinner when I’m so tired I can’t even think” dilemma. Or, you may choose to allow yourself to buy a ready cooked meal occasionally with the extra money if you go back to just shopping/planning for yourself. It’s maybe something that will change along with your schedule. Whatever you decide, give yourself some grace—sometimes time is worth more than money.

    I’m glad you got a weekend away.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Sara, you are so sweet, your comment made me smile. I think I am well enough (first trimester sickness is all gone) to come back to the online world.
      I hope you are having a great weekend!. xx

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