What Are Your 5 Guilty Pleasures?

While it surely is possible to be focused on saving money, re-doing and re-purposing things, cooking from scratch and seeing the big picture (Big Picture = Financial Freedom ASAP) most of the time, I do think it is important to treat yourself occasionally to keep in high spirits. (This hopefully should be within a budget, planned ahead and not put on a credit card!). I do have a few guilty pleasures (or of low guilt) that I hope to be able to continue to splurge on.



Ha. Only recently I realized that CUPS is regional and operates solely in the NYC area. I mentioned it so many times!


Let me explain. CUPS partners with local small cafes and offers ‘packages’ of prepaid ‘cups’. You can share discount codes with friends getting $10 off of each plan. If you are lucky, you can get 5 cups for $8 which includes all the sizes and all the drinks! I usually keep it for the weekends when I can have a quality time with a friend over the biggest size of dirty chai latte (I would call it a bucket), rather than grabbing a cup on a run just for the sake of drinking it.

I hope CUPS will come to your area soon. I recommend you request (or better yet – demand 😉 from CUPS that they branch out.

2. Catching up with my friend B.

always requires going out and eating out. While I am able to have a variety of cheap / free fun with The PG Girl, and other friends (such as home cooking, watching shows on Apple TV, or simply taking a walk), with B. it is a different story. B. is not into home cooking and we don’t live that close to each other so we usually meet half way, you know, to grab a bite.

I am embracing it and plan accordingly. B. is good friend and is always flexible, she knows I am not spending more than a $20!  Our catch ups are always full of laughter and I would not give up on them to save money.

3. Annual trip to Poland

This is a big one and the biggest expense each year. Gulp. It is hard to be away from the entire family and this annual trip is a special treat as much for me as it is for my dad, sister and my nieces. While I usually go to Poland for Christmas, I am thinking of going earlier this year (such as November) as I saw some great deals on airfare (40% less) around that time. Still considering though.

4. Eyebrow threading

Again, not sure if this is available in your area but New York City, due to a huge Indian and Nepalese population, has an eyebrow threading place literally on every other corner (both Indian and Nepalese are absolute experts as far as threading goes). The results are great, and last for a month. Not to mention a $6 price tag. Totally worth it.

5. Good skin care & make up foundation

I am jumping through the hoops here a little bit not to pay full price. Literally saved by CVS and the fact that they cary Vichy (which happens to be my most favorite skincare line). I have always been able to combine multiple discounts to save more than 60%. So far so good.

Do YOU have any guilty pleasures (I am sure you do!) that you would rather not give up on?  What are they?

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