What Gets You Excited?

I usually get a bit flustered when someone asks me what my hobbies are and generally what I like doing in my ‘free time’. Because, you know, I just like what ‘everyone else likes’. I like lazy weekends, sometimes with friends, sometimes just with T. and sometimes I choose to spend an entire Saturday all by myself, enjoying doing nothing or things that seem like nothing. I enjoy people watching sitting in a cafe or on a bench in a park. Coffee in my hand, of course. I like beach and ocean and reading a good book (even though sometimes it is hard for me to remember what the last thing I read was).

I spoke with yet another headhunter last week, a new one, so she was asking all the questions all over again. And yes, we got to the ‘how are you spending your free time?’ There is a bit of a pressure in the question, no doubt about it. Will I sound smart enough? Will I be judged by what I say? Is it ok to say to her or a potential employer during an interview that the most excited activity I did this week was watching YouTube videos on how to make home made cleaners? Not just that, I actually was looking forward to it and found it quite exciting. (To clarify, I am just watching these, I am not making the cleaners)

This past week Craftsy had a promotion and was giving away full length classes for free. I watched an entire dress sewing class (probably at least 2 hours) without even pulling out my sewing machine. I just enjoyed watching it. Then I watched some more videos on how to use different sewing machine feet (especially the ones I don’t have). You can tell I know how to have fun. Ha!

Anyway, the pressure is on. I feel I shall be saying that in my free time all I do is read Financial Times, study philosophy, watch political debates, play in a band or take modern art classes.

What are YOU doing in your ‘free time’? Do you feel sometimes that you are not ‘doing’ enough with it?



  1. Kathy says:

    Mariana, I too just love to watch Youtube on various subjects. It calms and educates me. Btw, the Headhunter may have been seeing if you are well rounded by what you do in your free time. I do all the same activities that you enjoy, reading, coffee, people watching…so since I am so fabulous in general, it goes to prove, you too are fabulous! 😉

  2. TerriCheney says:

    I am so glad I don’t have to deal with corporate world, lol. My free time is spent much as yours: in study via videos or reading or reading for relaxation, genealogy, landscaping my home, decorating my home, etc.

    You might mention you travel a good bit on your free time. Just in the short time I’ve read your blog you’ve been to California and to Florida and to the Hamptons (is that travel distance from New York? My geography for that area is sketchy). You might mention that you’re studying dressmaking/sewing because it is a creative pursuit and that does show you are more well rounded rather than just goal oriented in one direction. Just a thought from a very non-corporate person.

  3. Joanna says:

    The previous winter I moved from Brooklyn to Queens to an apartment that has a backyard,it’s the first year in my 16 years in USA that I have a yard and that I have an area in the yard designated for growing plants… I never grew even an herb before and my house plants never survived my neglect but I started a small vegetable garden mostly for fun and to show the kids where food is coming from and surprisingly fell in love with it… Last year it was just trial because I didn’t know how the soil and sun will be given that my neighbor has giant trees that shade my area a bit… but this year I’m determined to grow lots of veggies 😉 I never thoght that pulling weeds may bring happiness but I really love that so I spend lots of my free time in my little backyard farm… Few years ago I would not think that gardening is worth to be mentioned while answering “what you like to do in your free time?” question… but since having kids my priorities changed, I’m trying to live simpler, slower life and that is what I like now 😉

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      I can totally relate, Joanna. (are you Polish by the way?)
      I grew up on a farm, where my parents would grow basically everything. It was hard work for sure. My sister and I would help, sometimes we would skip a day or two of school (especially around potato digging time). Farming, raising chickens, ducks and piglets, all I was thinking about was moving to a city and not having to farm ever again.
      Now? This is all I dream about. Funny how it goes. My dream is to have a small garden where I can grow my greens and herbs, have a few fruit trees and raise a few chickens for eggs.
      Living simpler and slower life sounds like a dream to me 🙂

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