What’s In Your Purse? Frugal Girl Edition

Several years ago, just after I moved to NYC, I applied to Macy’s to work as a sales associate. I got allocated to the bags’ department, which turned out to be one of the busiest ones. Well, I lasted there only 6 months or so, but let me tell you, it was madness, especially just before the Holidays. Without even trying, we (3 of us per shift) would process between 70-100 sales each. Average price somewhere between $150-$200. Yep, the nation loves bags, purses and clutches, literally spending a fortune on them.

What's in your purse?


Unlike the PG Girl, I am not a big purse lover and have only 4 or 5, usually sticking to one for months at a time, regardless of the occasion. I prefer bigger ones as I seem never be able to fit all that I need into the smaller ones. While I am sure different ladies will have different thoughts on what a purse content staples are, for me it is important that I carry all that I may need at a moment’s notice so I don’t need to run to a store and buy it (and pay a full price for it).

In my purse you will find (at all times):

1. Tampons

3 of them to be exact (since 1 a day will not cut it). I just hate when ‘it’ happens and I am completely unprepared.  I know I have 3 full boxes at home (bought on clearance with coupons for less than a $1) but need to run to Duane Reade and spend a whooping $6.5 per box. Are you kidding?

2. Lip balm / chapstick

I am an addict. If I don’t have one with me for a day, I will go and buy one. I probably have at least 8-10 of these laying around the house or hiding in my pockets. Just like I am checking if I have keys with me before I leave the house, lip balm is as high on the list.

3. Painkiller / cough drops / gum

I usually carry sample size pockets of painkillers (2 tablets) and a few cough drops. Again, to avoid paying full price when I am desperate. Since candy / cough drops seem to get old much faster when I carry them around (possibly due to temperature changes?), I exchange them for new ones every couple of months or so.

4. Bandaids

The reason is twofold. To avoid buying a full box when I need just one, but also because when you cut yourself or when your new shoes are killing you, the last thing you want to do it looking for a drug store, and then wait in line.

5. Face tissue

Especially in the fall and winter. Especially if you have 30min+ commute on a subway, and nowhere to turn if you have a cold. Hey, you know what I mean. I have seen people wiping their noses into their cashmere gloves and silk scarves. Brrr.

6. Water

I love me some Bobble! I am not a natural water drinker, and unless I literally force myself, I could last all day on tea and coffee. Bobble makes it so much easier for me to drink water throughout the day. It is worth every penny of its initial investment. Fresh, filtered water whenever you need it. No leaks guaranteed.  No more buying bottled water (or even worse, soda)!

On a hot day like today, Bobble is my best friend ;)

On a hot day like today, Bobble is my best friend 😉

7. Phone charger

Goes without saying that one needs to be ‘charged up’ at all times. To avoid the panic of ever running too low on ‘juice’ I always make sure to have my charger with me. Just another way to minimize stress (and of course getting another charger out of despair).

Of course the above are just the basics that I carry on top of other things such as a laptop (yea, carry it to work every day), headphones, scarf in case the AC gets turned on too high, keys and a wallet (which could probably serve as a case study for another post ;). All of these make my everyday bag pretty huge as you can imagine.

Are you a big bag or a small purse kind of a girl? What’s in YOUR purse?

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