My Work Search – Progress Report

I was hoping that by now I will be reporting that as of My 1st I am moving on with a new position. Well, I am not. While May 1st was my desirable date when I started looking for a new job, let me tell you, it has been a tougher process than I thought. With the pace it is progressing I think I will be lucky if I make that change this year at all.

My Work Search - Progress Report

1. It is time consuming

I think one of the reasons that I am not moving quicker with this is that looking for a new job is a job in itself. It is all about reaching out, following up and then showing up. And it all takes time. With more than a full time job that I currently have, I feel I have very little time left on my hands. At least a few times this past week I was planning to spend a couple of hours in the evening focusing just on outreach but managed to spend not more than an hour each time. I feel that unless I treat this urgently and devote some serious time to it, it will take me a very long time to find something new.

2. It is stressful

Well, while I am in a great position of looking for a job WHILE having a job, it still is super stressful when it comes to attending interviews:

  • Timing is always an issue

I am not able to schedule interviews whenever I want to or whenever my new, potential employers wants to :/ I am usually begging for the latest time slot available for an interview, preferably past 5:30pm. I work in a very fast paced office (I even eat lunch at my desk while working) and I cannot just step out for 2-3 hours during a day. I can request a personal day but I need to be very intentional with these as I only have 5 of them per year. Vacation days need to be requested with 4 weeks’ notice so these are out of the question. Since my boss travels quite a bit, my current plan is to be literally ‘sneaking out’ when he is away or making up yet another ‘dental emergency’.

  • Clothing is an issue as well

In my case, since I am wearing very casual clothing at my recent workplace, but need to dress up for the interviews, it is a bit of a ‘dog and pony show’. I cannot come to work super dressed up and then leave during the day as that would be just too obvious. So what I did, when I had my 3 interviews this past month, was taking another set of clothing with me and changing in a bathroom. Ugh, I did not like that at all. I was not able to wear what I really wanted (as clothing that I really wanted to wear would have wrinkled too much in my bag) so it definitely did not boost my confidence. I also ended up carrying just too many bags to the interview. My handbag and then a bag with the casual clothing I was wearing earlier that day. After the interviews, upon returning back to my office, I had to change again. Oh, man, talk about stressful.

3. It is discouraging

I have always known that it typically takes 3-9 months (depending on the search intensity) to land oneself a new position but of course I also thought that with me it would be much quicker. Ha. I thought so not necessarily due to having an overwhelming amount of confidence (which I don’t have by the way) but because, you know, you always think that this it how much time it takes THEM. With YOU, it is a different story. YOU will go to 2-4 interviews max and voila! You will be packing your desk away.

Well, I think I am 6-8 weeks into the search, went to 3 interviews and have absolutely zero leads right now.

How long will it take me?

Is it normal to feel discouraged so early in the process?

4. It is intimidating

While I expressed interest in 5-6 positions that my headhunter sent along, I was NOT interested in the other 56. Holly Molly, did my eyes opened wide? The positions descriptions, the responsibilities, the requirements blew my mind:

  • Some of job descriptions were literally describing 3 different positions rather than one
  • Most of them required ’24/7 work mindset’  and full availability to reply to email/phone calls after hours. Basically you are required to work All.The.Time
  • Some of them required knowledge of computer programs I have never heard of (I am applying for an Executive Assistant role and can’t imagine ever using anything else than Outlook, Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Programs?)
  • More than 50 % of the ‘responsibilities’ were things I can’t imagine are EA’s responsibilities (and I have been one for 10 years so I am pretty sure what the position entails)

Basically, the requirements and the list of ‘responsibilities’ were quite intimidating.

5. Is it worth it?

Last but not least..

I am currently making decent money, can contribute to 401k (no match), pay 30% towards healthcare out of pocket (no deductible) plus have my phone bills covered in full.

After going over all the job postings, I am having second thoughts. Is it worth it? Some of the positions offered either same amount of money of slightly more but even with the ones that are offering 5-10K more, they don’t offer 401k. Of if they offer 401k then they don’t offer spousal healthcare coverage. This means we would need to cover T. health insurance out of pocket. Ugh, we can’t do that.

Is it worth it to accept an offer if the salary increase is only $2-$5k annually? Is it worth the stress of interviewing, quitting recent position, going through the training at the new location, getting to know all the rules of another place from scratch. All over again. For $50 more per paychex?

What is YOUR experience with job search? Thoughts welcome. x



  1. Laure says:

    I think if you are at all thinking you would be happier somewhere else, it’s good to look. Even if the end is to realized that your job is better (401K, health insurance) than others out there, the search is probably worth it, as you wouldn’t have learned that otherwise.

    Also, it seems the various perks of your job (free tickets, free extras that you use as gifts, etc) might not be available everywhere and are worth quite a bit of $$ (assuming you’d be giving gifts to your friends anyway and would need to buy them, etc).

    I heard a rule of thumb that a job search takes 1 month for every 10K of salary…so a 60K job search would take 6 months, and I think that means if you are looking full-time, not while you have another job. So already getting interviews (even if not what you wanted) sounds like you are ahead of schedule! 🙂

    Again, good you’re doing the search. Either you’ll find something better or you’ll realize you already have the best option, and either way will hopefully feel like a win.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      That’s a very good point – I do enjoy all the ‘freebies’ that I get (the tickets, the books, the museum passes etc). But when I think about it, there is so much to do for free in NYC that I would rather be paid for overtime 🙁 (and I am doing a lot of it).

      Since I have been at the current org for 5+ years I also feel if I don’t get the courage to look for something new now, it will be getting harder and harder each year to make that decision. But just like you say, I may realize that I already have the best option for now.

  2. Becky says:

    It will be worth it in the end, if you find out what you really want. Like you said, you may find that what you have is fine after all, or that you want a change. But, at least you will KNOW:) So, that’s worth your time.

    • SimpleIsGood4U says:

      Thanks Becky 🙂
      I have this ‘gut feeling’ that this is time to start something new. But at the end of the day, we all need to pay bills, so if that does not play out well financially, I will continue with the current position, while being open to a change.
      The next few months will show.
      Trust you and the family had a great weekend. x

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