A Year At a Glance – Progress Report

I may as call call this post ‘A Shame Report’ instead of the ‘Progress Report’ Ha. At least I know how to laugh at myself. Shall we even bother? Oh my. Let’s have a quick look at my ‘Goals for 2105‘ as I proudly posted them in one of my first posts here at ‘Simple Is Good’ earlier this year.

A Year At a Glance - Progress Report

1. Stick to a budget 100% for a month (or at all times).

Well, this goal originated when I thought I actually had a budget. Then when I honestly assessed the situation and I realized that I don’t, I was going to set one up. That did not happen yet (fingers crossed it will in 2016) Since I had no official budget set up, there really was nothing to ‘stick to’ as such.

2. Limit personal spendings to $100 a month for the rest of the year.

Most likely did not happen either. I actually am going to try to ‘roll over’ this resolution onto 2016 as I really think it is a good one to try to ‘stick to’.

While I am sure I spent more than that each month I have little to show for it. I am sure whatever money I ‘blew’, it was spent on coffees, occasional weekend brunch with a girlfriend or a work lunch. While I surely could have put more effort into making sure I always bring lunch with me to work, honestly I do not regretting getting all those lattes and brunches with my girlfriends. I mean, after all, my girls and I work so much that the only chance we get to see one another is an occasional brunch or a spontaneous meeting at a local coffee shop.

3. Do not buy clothing or shoes for the rest of the year

I did well April – October and by ‘well’ I actually do mean i purchased no clothing or shoes whatsoever. I surely seem to have caught up in November-December though. While I purchased nothing new (except some underwear) I loaded up with at least couple of dresses and several tops at Crossroads. My consolation is that Crossroads sells great brands and amazing quality at 90% off. Everything I got was silk and most items still had new tags on.

While surely I have enough clothing to last me a long time I am going to be realistic in 2016 and instead of the ‘no clothing or shoes’ resolution, I will make it ‘no more than $200-$250 for clothing for the entire year’. This is definitely a number I can afford and I will not feel guilty for failing yet another resolution!

4. Give DIY gifts this year

OMG I am not sure what I was thinking by coming up with this one. Ha. Yea, right! I surely recycled, re-gifted, thrifted and got some stuff on clearance as gifts. But DIY? Nope, did not happen.

5. Read more: at least 4 books each month

I feel ashamed to admit that this year I probably averaged 1 book every two months. I downloaded a lot of (mostly free) kindle books though. I will be ‘rolling over’ this resolution into 2016 and I make a promise to myself that I will do my best to do better next year. I really love reading but definitely TV is just more ‘present’ than a book in my life right now.

6. Slow down 

Yes and no. I guess if one is working ‘for someone’ and one is not her own boss she can only slow down that much :/  But I have been trying to maximize all the days off I did take and not check the email constantly. So I guess I have semi-successfully accomplished this one. Currently I have been on a 3 week Holiday vacation and literally checked my email twice. I will probably action some pressing emails around Monday but am not letting work take priority this week at all.


Setting up and writing up all the above goals made me realize that I am just like another 90% of the population that set up their goals early in the year only to deliver nothing (or not much!). Lesson learnt (I think..). Moving forward I am going to set up more realistic goals, not what I think sounds great but what I think I can actually deliver. Stay tuned for the 2016 resolution list!

Have YOU stuck to your 2015 resolutions? Which ones did you succeed to complete (or still going strong) and which ones did you fail?

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